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How to Keep a Man Interested – 3 Tips Women Should Know

Have you ever wondered what happened? Why doesn’t he call anymore? Where did you go wrong?
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3 Tips Women Should Know When Trying To Keep or Get a Man

Have you ever wondered what happened?  Why doesn’t he call anymore? Where did you go wrong?  How to keep a man interested? In your case he's pulling away from you for some reasons.. What is it that makes people believe that they their ideal relationship is falling to pieces? Are you wondering if the problem was you?  Have you considered it might be you?

Men are not very brilliant by nature when it comes to women and relationships.  They do things that make women scratch their heads and wonder: “What was he thinking?” Men do what they feel and think is best for them.  If they feel they are not living up to your standards, there first thought isn’t: “I’ll change myself to meet her standards.”  His first thought is: “She’s stressing me out – I’m out of here.” Here are three tips to keep in mind.

Tip 1 – Don’t Be a Mother

The first thing you need to remember is not to mother your man.  He has a mother and you can never take her place.  You can introduce him to the finer things in life but you can’t make him like them. 

Tip 2 – Don’t Be One of the Guys

Don’t be one of the boys with your man.  He has guy friends that fill that space in his life.  They’ll be able to fill the void

Tip 3 – Be His Significant Other

To keep a man interested you have to be his woman.  Accept him as he is; be impulsive, sensual and have fun with him in a fashion he can’t get from his buddies.  Physical attraction will get a man to want you but emotional support will keep him with you.

Take some focus off him and place it on you.  Take pride in your appearance, both physically and emotionally.  Self-confidence is a major attraction for men.  Don’t become so self involved that you take your eye off the prize.  Pay attention to what traits attract him and focus.  Portray the woman that adores him but can completely do without him.
Men always want what they can’t have. Be that fun, sexy, elusive girl that he can’t spend enough time with.  If you want a commitment, don’t nag him about it.  Have you ever heard of a man that was happily married to a nag?  Turn yourself into the woman he wants to make a commitment to. 

How to keep a man interested not actually pushes him away.  It’s important to remember that you will suffocate him if you are needy and clingy.  You certainly don’t want to be on the receiving end of:  “I need a break”.  Stop trying to change him and accept him for who he is.  Be that amazing woman he wants to be a better person for and he’ll change himself.  Let him breathe the fresh air that is you.  In time, you will realize that he’s chasing you and the only thing you had to do is be the best person you can be. 

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