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How to Find Your Mr Right? Why You Need Self-Confidence?

You want to share everything with him. You let him see your fears and your insecurities. You want him to know that you aren’t perfect but he makes you feel like you are…
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Finally you have found someone amazing.  He can’t get enough of you; you can’t get enough of him.  You want to share everything with him. You want to be vulnerable and let him see your fears and your insecurities. You want him to know that you aren’t perfect but he makes you feel like you are.  You dig deep inside, get your courage up and then you give him everything inside you.  After he picks his jaw up off the table, he makes polite conversation, excuses himself and runs to his car. 

Your confession may have been therapy for you but it was a basket of issues for him.  Men like women that are self confident and sure of the journey they have chosen in life.  You have just given him evidence that you still have work to do to be a whole person.  His image of his perfect girl has just been shattered by a new image:  an insecure woman that needs self-improvement.

It’s time to take a small test.   Ask yourself if you agree or disagree with the following statements:

- “I am in control of my love life.  No man will dictate to me what is good or not good in my relationship.  If we’re not on the same page, he can hit the road.”

- “I don’t do stupid.  The moment I realize that the man I am dating is an idiot, I’m done with him and the relationship.”

- “Men don’t change.  He can play with his boys and have his toys.  As long as he doesn’t violate any laws, I’m good with whatever makes him happy.”

How many of the above statements do you agree with?  How many do you find outrageous?  Let me tell you, if you disagree with any of the statements above, the problem lies with you.  Men want a woman that knows what she wants and how to acquire it.  Mr. Right wants a woman that has enough confidence in herself that she will allow him to be himself.  Know who you are and be comfortable being you.  Your positive energy will be irresistible to Mr. Right.

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