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The Stages of Grief in a Break Up

When your relationship comes to an end, there are various levels of emotions that you will go through.
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When your relationship comes to an end, there are various stages of grief in a breakup that you will go through. The process begins at the time when you come to learn about the breakup, and ends when you finally decide to move on with your life. The period between these two points is often filled with a range of emotions that can threaten your sanity. Here are some of the levels of emotions involved in a breakup.

Stages of Grief #1 - Hurt

When you discover that you have come to the end of your relationship, you will be greatly pained. However, the pain may not be very intense at the initial stages as your mind still refuses to accept that the breakup has really taken place. When the numbing effect of denial wears off, you will experience a terrible pain that will hurt you greatly.

There are various factors that will influence the level of pain you experience. For instance, if you had been in the relationship for a long time, the pain will be quite intense. The same is true if there was great passion between you and your ex. Yet however intense your pain, you need to get over it in order for you to get proper healing.

Stages of Grief #2 - Denial

When you discover that you have broken up, it will be very difficult for your mind to accept it. This is the denial that usually accompanies the end of a relationship. For some people, the denial is very bad, as they try to live in some imaginary world, where they believe that there is really nothing wrong. Refusal to accept the break-up puts a lot of strain on both you and your ex.

Stages of Grief #3 - Anger

Once you have gone past the denial stage, you will feel quite a flood of anger. This is usually the most destructive of all the levels of break-up emotions. You can engage in acts that can damage both property and people. It is this stage that can result in acts that may destroy any chances of mending your broken relationship. Anger can remove any possibility of reconciliation; hence this is a stage that needs to be handled with greatest care. Otherwise, you may commit mistakes you will live to regret.

Stages of Grief #4 - Depression

After the dust of anger settles down, you will go through a face of depression. A sense of sorrow is normal after a breakup, yet it can be very damaging if takes too long to overcome. It may be necessary to seek professional assistance in order to overcome your sorrow.

Stages of Grief #5 - Acceptance

The final stage that will help you to overcome your breakup is to accept the situation. Once you come to terms with the breakup, you will have the opportunity to move on with success.  

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