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Things to Know Before Getting Back Together Once a Decree Nisi Has Been Passed

In fact, you can still save your marriage even after the decree later becomes absolute. What is important is for some elements of love to be still lingering in your hearts.
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Although it may appear almost impossible to reverse the situation once a Decree Nisi has been passed, the truth is that your relationship is still not yet beyond control. A Decree Nisi is that decree that is issued upon the initial petition for divorce. In fact, you can still save your marriage even after the decree later becomes absolute.  What is important is for some elements of love to be still lingering in your hearts.

The only thing that can really stop you from rescuing your relationship is when you finally lose hope. So, even after a Decree Nisi, you will still be able to reverse things and come back together again. Of course, just wishing to reverse the tide is not enough. You must use the right approach in order to succeed.

The period of a Decree Nisi is six weeks and a day. Within this time frame, both of you will get the chance to review the matter and see if there is any hope of saving your marriage. You can take advantage of this period to take appropriate measures to get back with your partner. Here are important considerations.

Let your mate have some space

If matters had degraded to such an extent that a Decree Nisi had to be passed, it means that your spouse really needed a break. Let your spouse have this needed break during this period.

You should avoid any kind of contact for about a month. However, you can make the cut-off period a little shorter considering the period of the Decree Nisi.

During this period, your spouse will have the opportunity to review your relationship and determine how life is in your absence. You should not expect to be missed when you constantly make your presence felt.

Rectify your errors

You should also use the time when you are apart to review your relationship in order to determine the exact problem areas. You should then own up to your errors and make necessary amendments.

This calls for a heartfelt apology. You should deliver your apology in written form, using your own handwriting.

Writing down your apology will help you to think over what you are stating, and do so without any emotions. You will have the chance to rewrite your apology as needed before you finally hand it over. And using your own handwriting will give it a personal touch that your spouse is bound to take note of.

Request for additional time

Basically, a Decree Nisi is intended to give a couple the opportunities to save their relationship. This means that you will hardly be denied more time when you have both agreed that you need to work things out.

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