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Top 10 Ways to Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend

If you are trying to win back your ex boyfriend, you may be willing to try just about anything. Resist the temptation to do anything crazy.
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If you are trying to win back your ex boyfriend, you may be willing to try just about anything.  Resist the temptation to do anything crazy.  There are 10 suggestions that you should keep in mind so that you can accomplish your goal.

10 Helpful Suggestions to Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend

Suggestion1 – Stay Strong

This will not only help you get over the breakup, but showing your ex just how strong you are may cause him to look at you in a whole new light.  Most men find strong women appealing.

Suggestion 2 - Be Honest

Being completely honest, even with yourself, can be a very difficult thing.  It is really important for you to know what you really want from a new relationship with your ex.  Then you need to be prepared to tell him the whole truth as well.

Suggestion 3 - Be Sincere

Do not tell him that you hope he will be happy if you do not mean it.  He will be able to see through your deception and feel your anger and hurt.  After some time has passed, you may be able to say such things and mean them.  Wait until then to say them.
Suggestion 4 - Take Pride in Yourself

Your first instinct after a breakup might be to beg his forgiveness or plead with him to take you back.  You need to maintain your pride and avoid doing any of those things.  All this will do is make you feel sorry for yourself.

Suggestion 5 - Persevere

You will have to have some perseverance if you want to have any success winning your ex boyfriend back.  Do not expect a successful outcome with your first attempt.  You may have to try again and again before you get him to hear what you have to say.

Suggestion 6 - Have A Real Plan

Make sure you have a very clear idea of the steps you are going to take to win him back before you even get started.  If you do not, you may end up rushing the process.

Suggestion 7 - Be Patient

Do not be in a hurry to get started winning back your ex.  Take some time for your hurt and anger to fade before you try to approach him.  If you do not, the negative feelings are likely to come flooding back and cause an argument.  Arguing is not a good way to convince him to give your relationship another try.

Suggestion 8 - Be Kind

It doesn’t matter how hurt and angry you feel, if you’re spiteful to your ex or his friends, you will certainly not win any points. However, if you can find a way to show him kindness, even in the midst of your pain, it may go a long way towards melting his heart.

Suggestion 9 - Maintain a Positive Outlook

As hard as this may seem right now, keeping a positive outlook on life will help you to get through the pain of a breakup.  If you really want him back, then you need to believe that you can make that happen.

Suggestion 10 - Love Yourself

If you believe that you are not worth your ex boyfriend's time, then he will believe that too.  Adopt the attitude that he would be lucky to have you back and he may believe that too.

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