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5 Stages of Grief People Will Go Through After a Breakup

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Grief is usually used to describe the emotional state of a person after the death of a loved one.  However, many people grieve after the end of a close personal relationship as well.  It makes sense; you are still suffering from the loss of someone you loved.  The grief process will send you through a series of powerful emotions.  Knowing what to expect can help you get through it a little easier.  Everyone grieves differently, but there are five common stages that you are likely to go through before the process is complete.

Stage 1 – Denial

The first instinct of every human being in the face of loss is to simply deny that it is happening.  The pain may just be too great at first for your heart and mind to accept the news.  This is normal and it gives your heart a little bit of time to adjust.  This stage usually does not last very long.  

Stage 2 – Anger

Many people move from denial to anger without realizing it.  Once your heart and mind begin to accept the loss, it is normal to feel rage towards the person who caused you so much pain.  In the case of a breakup, your first instinct may be to lash out at your ex.  Try to gain control of your emotions; losing your temper now may make it impossible to reconcile with your ex later.

Stage 3 – Making a Deal

As the anger begins to fade and the full weight of the pain settles in, many people find that they would be willing to make the proverbial “deal with the devil” if it would just bring their loved one back to them.  You may well feel like you would readily give up anything to make that happen but you will regret this later.  You must stay strong here.  Bargaining with God, the devil or anyone else is not going to bring your loved one back.

Stage 4 – Depression

Short-term depression is a common occurrence after a breakup or the death of a loved one.  Everything in your world may seem bleak and you may believe that you will never be happy again.  This feeling should pass.  If it does not, then you may want to seek a doctor's help.

Stage 5 – Acceptance

This is the final stage of grief. What this means is that your psyche has finally come to terms with the loss and accepted it as real.  It does not mean that the pain has gone away entirely, just that it is no longer an overpowering force in your life.  Now you are ready to start putting the pieces of your life back together.

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