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Using 3 Tips to Win Back Your Ex

The same way he decided to break it off, he can decide to give it another try. Your challenge is getting him to change his mind. You can win back his affection.
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Your ex who has chosen to break up with you can change his mind.  The same way he decided to break it off, he can decide to give it another try.  Your challenge is getting your ex to change his mind. You can win back his affection. There are some tips that may help you to do just that.

Don’t Rationalize Your Man

Rationalizing with him the good and bad points of your relationship is not the way to go.  Women tend to approach a problem by thinking logically and resolving it systematically. Men don’t want to rationalize.  They don’t want to be convinced that you are perfect for him.  He wants to see with his own eyes. 

Don’t Talk Constantly About Getting Back Together

Stop talking him to death about re-uniting.  Take a time out and get yourself together.  If you have been putting off starting a new garden or taking a class at the local junior college, this would be the time to start. As soon as you begin your self-improvement, you will begin to grow as a person.  Strong, confident women are extremely more attractive than women that are clingy, needy or can’t think for themselves. You don’t want his last thoughts of you to be stressful or aggravating.  Give him some time without you to erase the desperate conversations involving reuniting. 

Show Him You’ve Got Control of Your Life

When you get the opportunity to see him again, make it worth his while.  Go somewhere fun and have some laughs, but don’t bring up the subject of reuniting.  He has seen your pain and heard your thoughts, now show him that you have control of your life.  By all means, be gorgeous when you meet.  Keep the conversation light. Tell him about the new garden you started or the classes that you have been taking.  Tell him about the personal growth you are pursuing since the break-up and how it makes you feel better about yourself. 

Don’t lie.  If you lie, then you are not being honest with him or yourself.  It will backfire on you; be careful.  When the time is over, don’t ask when you can see him again, simply tell him that you had a wonderful time and thank him.  Thanking him does not mean sleeping with him.  Remember, sex attracts a man but it certainly will not hold him.

The time for talking is over. Dive into yourself and begin to improve physically, emotionally, financially or spiritually, whichever you feel can use the improvement. 

Your ex will see that you are a different person.  He will feel the confident glow that you exude.  The way to get him back is not “working on him” to change his mind, it’s “working on you” to give him a different point of view.

If you’re trying to get my man back but think you could use some assistance, consider the following advice and tips at the magic of making up review You’re bound to find something you can use from it.

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