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Effective Communication - How It Helps To Make A Relationship Last

Learn how to effectively communicate with your partner. Do you feel like you have an internal connection together?
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Do you have the skills to effectively communication with your man?   Do you feel like you have an internal connection together?  If you don’t have that kind of connection, do you want to know how to get it?  Actually, it’s not as hard as you may think.

Connecting with him is not about putting your happiness before his.  It doesn’t refer to the sparks that fly when you’re in bed.  Great sex makes for a good time but it doesn’t make a relationship last.  The ability to connect with your man requires the ability to effectively communicate with him.  Communication is the key to a lasting relationship.  The ability to connect with him gives your relationship a foundation that can’t be easily dismantled.

Communicating with him is not as easy as it seems.  Women naturally communicate their thoughts and desires on a regular basis.  Men, on the other hand, don’t.  Men guard their internal side until they feel they can expose themselves without criticism or ridicule.  If he doesn’t feel he can talk to you, he won’t open up.  He will keep the conversations on the surface, never letting you see the other side of him. Unfortunately, the other side is the side you need to know in order to keep him in a lasting relationship.  Men are not as open as your girlfriends and you shouldn’t expect them to communicate in the same fashion as your girls. 

To be an effective communicator, you need to be able to share and understand other people’s thoughts as well as your own.  You must be able to listen, not just hear words as they are spoken. You should know when to speak and when to just listen.  He needs to be comfortable talking to you about any and every subject.  You need to be open to his opinions and thoughts without overriding them with your own.

If you always interject your thoughts, without letting him completely express his, he will find no satisfaction in talking with you.  Once he feels no longer able to talk to you, he’s liable to find someone to talk with. Do you want your man talking about private thoughts and moments with someone else?  Of course you would not.  Allow him the freedom to communicate with you.  Encourage and enable him to freely express his thoughts and emotions.  Give him the opportunity to share sensitive topics that he feels are important to your relationship in a manner that makes him feel comfortable.

Once you have established that comfortable communication level with him, he will come to you to talk.  He will begin to value your opinion and he will feel that you value his.  His comfort in the relationship will be taken to a higher level.

Communication is the most important thing in a relationship. Do you know how to effectively communicate with your man and get him back? Check out this FREE video: the magic of making up review to help you maintain your relationship. It’s full of helpful advice and other hints you’re sure to use.

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