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What to Share and Not Share with Your Significant Other – For Women Only

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You feel it’s time to talk about the next step. What expectations do you have and what expectations he should have?
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Your relationship starts out like any other fairytale.  You see each other every day and stay at his home more than you stay at your own.  You’re beginning to wonder why you pay for the other place.

You feel it’s time to talk about the next step. What expectations do you have and what expectations he should have? You bring it lightly one day but he avoids the topic.  You really want to talk about what’s next in your relationship and he suddenly becomes super busy.  All of a sudden, he stops taking your calls. Now what?

Have you ever wondered what was wrong with men when it comes to a commitment talk? Have you ever wondered why many tend to run as soon as the talk of moving in together or becoming more than friends comes up?

What Not To Do In Your Relationship

While it may seem kind of odd…honesty in a relationship will bring it to another level.  Yet, the way that honesty is presented is the key.  It’s not always what you say as much as how you say it.  Don’t scare the man with horror stories of how your last relationship failed.  Don’t tell him that you threw your ex’s clothes out on the lawn and currently have a restraining order in place.

You certainly never want to break into a song about how the current relationship is so much better than your last relationship. Never tell him how you can see it 20 years from now with grandchildren, gardens and canaries in a cage.  Before your speech is done, the psycho radar in his brain will be blaring in his ears.

Avoid punishing new boyfriends for the mistakes of ex-boyfriends.  Don’t assume he is a cheater because your ex-boyfriend was a cheater. Telling him that you don’t trust him because another man hurt you doesn’t bring your relationship closer.  It makes him think you still have issues from your past that need to be worked out. 

What to Do Before Committing In Your Relationship

It’s important to release your anger from past relationships before you get into new ones.  Holding on to negativity wears away at you.  Remember that frowning creates lines in your face. Bitter words spoken from your mouth will receive bitter words for your ears.  You must be a happy person before you can make anyone around you happy. 

A man doesn’t want to spend his life with a woman that won’t let go of the past. Forgive but don’t forget the lessons of your past relationships.  Move forward… a smarter person for the experience.

Before you decide to move your relationship to the next step, decide if you are personally ready for the next step.  Have you let go of your emotional baggage?  Are you emotionally capable of being in another committed relationship? When you are truly ready, he will ask you to take the next step. 

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