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Business Essentials: Data Recovery Status

The introduction of computers has made management of businesses easier and faster.
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The introduction of computers has made management of businesses easier and faster. Data storage has also contributed to a more manageable workplace with the elimination of huge filing cabinets and faster archiving. However, since businesses started saving their data on digital format over magnetic media, various factors have contributed to loss of data (like virus infections, improper handling and more). During the time when data recovery hasn’t been discovered yet, an organization or company who lost its valuable data is left on its own. But with the help of newer technologies and recent innovation, data recovery can help these companies recover from their “accident.”

The Information Technology revolution, fueled by the same industry has introduced various changes on the hardware and software side of the market. Systems have continued to multiply and various processes are made more complex.

It was a good 15 years ago when the first “data recover-ers” were introduced. They were outside consultants, contacted by different companies and businesses to come and recover whatever data was missing. During this time, there were a lot of specialty tools that needs to be manipulated to revive lost data. Software was even proprietary and were signed to specific vendors only. It took a lot of years before different software manufacturing companies were able to specialize and release easy data recovery software.

It may seem like all the tools and techniques that we have right now regarding data recovery is actually a product of “as the need arises” situations. There are varied challenges and the possibility is limitless. Whenever the IT industry sees a new loophole, it seeks to create an immediate response and that is why, products are updated regularly because problems occur and they’re pretty hard to predict.

The data recovery industry is not very large. There are only 20 or so companies worldwide who specialize in data recovery software. These companies have removed themselves in providing “physical” solutions by specializing in “soft answers” to problems via data recovery software. These data recovery companies cannot immediately specialize in the development of solutions on the hardware side because software is always required to adapt to the occurring challenges or harvest the data that needs to be recovered.

Millions of disk drives are being shipped in different parts of the world and the risk of data loss is a clear and real risk. However, companies and businesses can still be confident that whatever the future holds for them, whether they lose their precious client database or the current sales and revenue files, there is still the data recovery company who is willing to meet the upcoming challenges.  

Jaycee Smith has been researching and writing about network support and computer disaster recover for over 2 years now. You will see more information on http://www.logicalchoiceit.com.au

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