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Will He Call? Are You Still Waiting for Your Boyfriend to Call?

They don’t call you if they are not too keen about you or want to breakup. It is that simple for them.
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Will he call? Why he hasn't call? Women are so hooked to calls from their boyfriends. Recently I caught one of my friends mooning around looking as if she was going through hell. That really caught me. When I sat down with her for a heart to heart, I realized that it was because her boyfriend had not called for almost a whole fortnight. Do men realize how much it affects a woman when her boyfriend hasn’t called?

I guess not. A call could mean the world to a woman; it could be the one highlight of her day or something around which her life revolves. But the fact remains that it is not so for men. They call you if they like you or want to be with you. They don’t call you if they are not too keen about you or want to breakup. It is that simple for them.  It is more than that to a woman and what really rubs it in is that every friend of her will ask her “hasn’t he called yet?”

It is not that big a deal!

This may sound tough but is the only practical approach to keep your sanity. If you are really interested in this guy, then don’t sit around moping and waiting for his call. Pick up that phone and call him. If you would rather not, then try to involve yourself in other activities. The last thing you want is to cook up stories for the reasons why he is not calling you. If he cares he will call or else move on. This emotional dependency can play havoc with your social and professional life. Respect yourself and don’t rate yourself on whether he called or not. Be cheerful and confident. Men don’t seem to take giving calls that seriously. They are cool about relationships and rather not take things seriously. So don’t pin your hopes on that call and live a normal life.

Be yourself

You may be tempted to play the temptress or the hot chick every guy wants to be with. Is that the real you? If not then lay off that track. You don’t need to pretend to be someone you are not. I’ll let you into a secret. Most guys might fall for that hot babe, but none of them will really be interested in a meaningful relationship with her. She is only a trophy not the woman he wants in his life. So if you are looking for someone, then just being yourself. You are your own USP. Be confident and let the guy know, you are an independent woman who does not have to hang around a man to feel loved.

So the next time someone asked, "will he call?” just say, "he will when he has to”.

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