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Scorpio Woman in Love

A Scorpio woman is a very complex individual. If you a re in a romantic relationship with one, do not have any preconceived notions about her, as Scorpio women are unique and co...
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A Scorpio woman is a very complex individual. If you a re in a romantic relationship with one, do not have any preconceived notions about her, as Scorpio women are unique and completely different from women of all other Zodiac signs. They have absolutely their own mind. A Scorpio woman can be truly called as bold and beautiful (and she is aware of it). One may think she is very aggressive, but on the contrary, she is sensitive and emotional deep inside. It is just that she hates vulnerability but, if she trusts you, she is a very kind and caring partner. The Scorpio woman displays intensity in all areas of her life and in love she is certainly no different.  She is willing to make her partner the center of her universe. She has a deep loyalty to the people she loves, her emotions and passions are heavy. She can give you everything, but can easily take it away.

All water signs are emotional, but Scorpions are particularly irrational when it comes to their emotions. There is only black and white in the world of the Scorpion; no gray areas. If you are not their friend, then you are by default their enemy. Scorpios seek power and control at any cost, which can sometimes result in unnecessary violence.

You don't know the meaning of the word intensity unless you've been involved with a Scorpio woman. She wants to be a powerful force in your life that drives you forward. Scorpio women are devoted and fiercely protective of the ones that they love. They will defend you in public and fight for you in most adverse conditions. They are more willing than most to stick with you through all the hard times in life. Once they find the person they want they'll go after them with single-minded determination. Scorpios love unconditionally, but if you break the heart of a Scorpio, you should be ready to take the deadly sting. They are revengeful and crafty about it — knowing exactly how to push your buttons. They do it in a harsh and uncaring way, but they only want to protect themselves.

Trying to win a Scorpio woman's heart, don't make false promises. Be up front and honest right from the beginning and you won't have to see her nasty side. Any breach of trust is irreparable and could mean the end of a relationship. She will try to forgive you, but she will not succeed.

The Scorpio woman in love is fiercely possessive and even manipulative and obsessive. She likes to dominate. Men who need independence better watch out, even some slight and harmless flirting can hurt her. She finds any kind of betrayal simply unacceptable and will seek revenge. Near a Scorpio woman you can experience unfounded suspicions. Often she imagines injury when there is none.  This paranoia can totally screw up an excellent relationship.

Jealousy is the biggest defect which a Scorpio has, and can be understood because their lover has to be only theirs. But they are capable of experiencing intense passion and desire so you will feel very loved and you can experience love and every human emotion possible near them like near nobody else.

Scorpios follow the devise all or nothing, they will never be happy with half. They want to own your body and soul and penetrate the most secret part of you. Tell your Scorpio woman something about yourself and she will most likely remember it.  If you have something to hide don't even bother to get involved with a Scorpio woman. Flirting is useless with a Scorpio, they demand loyalty. You may say sweet words which could sweep any woman, but not with the Scorpio woman. She will use her X-ray eyes reading your thought of what you just said or what you are going to say. It can take years to win the trust of the suspicious Scorpio. They can fully dwell in the dark and struggle with jealousy, thoughts of revenge and serious resentment. Their nature is a conundrum - repressing their feelings makes them too powerful to contain.

Scorpio women seem like so much to deal with! But it's worth dealing with a Scorpio beauty because of her great capacity for kindness. A Scorpio woman in love can give you the wildest romantic relationship you've ever had. Despite the drama, once a Scorpio woman loves you, she'll love you for life. She can love you so much that she will look past your flaws (but she will comment on them) and risk life and limb to keep you safe from harm.

Near a Scorpio woman you can feel love at another level. You will never want to leave her presence. The intensity and passion generated by her makes her an unforgettable partner in love. She wants a long lasting commitment and will never stop loving you for life. You can expect a very romantic and blissful life with a Scorpio woman. If you find a Scorpio woman, consider yourself lucky and keep her, you may not get so lucky again!


  • Do not think of playing games with a Scorpio woman or she will never forgive you, and will also take a revenge. She respects truth even if it's painful.


  • Do not even think about arousing a Scorpio's jealousy either intentionally or thoughtlessly. Your Scorpio will lash out violently, becoming angry and overly possessive.


  • Do not  accuse your Scorpio of being faithless or toying with your emotions. They will take it as a serious insult. Scorpio is the most faithful and devoted sign. It is best not to doubt their loyalty.


  • Be patient with your Scorpio woman, even though she may not be patient with you. It doesn't seem fair but in every relationship there is compromise and this is one compromise you'll have to make with her.  Once you pass all the tests, she will love you for a lifetime.


  • Your Scorpio woman wants you to understand what she is feeling because it's usually too complex to put into words. Keeping her emotions to herself, she won't even flinch. She will not share them until she is ready to, and that may very well be never.


  • Don't take your Scorpio woman for granted. She will be gone before you know it. She is strong enough to realize that she will be fine on her own.


  • Your Scorpio woman wants  to get under your skin, and doesn't want  to share you with the rest of the world. So, when you are expressing your compassion for pretty much everyone that comes around the corner, she feels  threatened.


  • You'll get the naked, brutal truth from your Scorpio.  Don't  get offended,  appreciate that a Scorpio will never laugh behind your back, they will do right in front of you.


  • It can be very hard to win an argument or debate with a Scorpio. They are absolutely driven to win, not just for the sake of scoring intellectual points, but simply to come out on top in general.


  • Your Scorpio lover  may do some detective work and won't tell you, but will use it against you if needed.


  • Your Scorpio woman knows you very well. She is the collector of information whose eyes and mind can penetrate through your behavior without you even knowing. She can see right through anything that is fake.


  • Scorpio women prefer to be quiet; if they begin talking, intensity may come pouring out.


  • Scorpios are highly selective. They are suspicious of new people and don't have time to socialize since they are too occupied perfecting themselves. Scorpios need solitude. It keeps their sanity. Solitude is where Scorpio rejuvenates.

A Capricorn will appreciate a Scorpio's jealousy as it makes them feel secure. Scorpio women desire closeness which will not be well liked by an Aquariusman.  Air signs have trouble with Scorpio, since the Scorpio is too controlling, and no one can control air. They prefer to keep relationships light and breezy when Scorpios keep relationships deep and meaningful. A relationship between Scorpio and Taurus is a little dicey. Both these sun signs are stubborn and possessive. Neither is willing to compromise. Scorpio and Leo are both very strong willed and both want power. Scorpio-Scorpio relationships are the biggest irony of them all. Both the partners are equally aggressive, demanding, stubborn and jealous. Therefore, any kind of argument turns the house upside down.  Scorpio and Piscesshare a unique relationship. They are capable of forming an unbreakable bond for a lifetime. They may very well be soul mates. Scorpio's possessiveness is strong but Pisces can handle it well. A Cancer  man is too weak for a Scorpio woman. While he feels he has too much to lose, The Scorpio does not think of what it can lose, it immediately intensely sharpens its stinger and goes to winning. Scorpio's gift for saying startlingly true things may overwhelm the guarded Virgo.

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