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There's no magic

First of all-sorry for my english. It's not my native language. And now-there's is no magic. You can't magically change your life and world around you. Check why in this article.
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Deal with it. 

The Wizard

If you "will start looking at things differently" - they won't change. They are things - they always be the same.

When you will read some motivational story (When I was young I had a dog... or similar) you probably won't be a better person after doing it. You'll probably go watch some movie, not for a walk.

If you will  be "reconciled with the universe" and you will be making "unity with the stars" it doesn't mean you've changed magically. It probably means that you read something stupid  on the Internet. 

"How you can change your life in 5 steps doing absolutely nothing" - if you will find article with similar title - do not read it. It's waste of your precious time. Why? Well, for example: why do you need 5 steps when you won't be doing anything? 5 steps of nothing? Something is really wrong with this sentence. And second thing - one of the most important rules of physics says: "Every action is accompanied by a reaction". So if you do not take any action, what reaction are you expecting?

 People don't get angry or sad because of some bad imaginary force. People get angry because they have emotions - it's their reaction for actions of other people. You can't change it by sitting on the floor and deeply breathing. 

 Don't read/listen anything from a person who told you that his knowledge is from book. Advices taken from books are not good advices. Because you can read book by yourself. Why do you need another person to tell you what is in it? And the second thing - there is very small number of people who can change their lives using information from books (it's a lot of data to process and to apply).

Psychological information and psychological language is good for psychiatrists. You do not need to use smart words taken from university to be happy. Do you really think that if you will know what "procrastination" means, you will understand yourself better? Of course not. 


All that "wisdom" in apostrophes I've taken from few first pages of google. You probably know what keywords I've used. 

You may want to check my blog: http://1tip-1day.blogspot.com/. I am just starting but it could interest you. 

photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mcgraths/ 


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