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How to Write Sexy Business Proposals in English

If you want to write sexy brilliant business proposal you have to read this article!
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The famous English writer, William Shakespeare, once said, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” In emotional and psychological planes, perhaps, the use of the right words could be of great help for anyone who would like to convince another to agree or act up on something.

In the field of business proposal writing, words have the power to propel your concept or idea to a direction you want it to be. Creating a sexy business proposal is another thing to deal with. Sexy in a sense that it doesn’t come off forceful but seductive in the way it makes your recipient think it over and give it a go. Whether you are trying to open or grow a business of any sort or materialize any of your creative ideas that concern an event or partnership, a business proposal can make it or break it. It’s a matter of appealing to your audience through their minds or hearts to let it happen for you.

So, fold up those sleeves, lay down your pad and get hold of your pen and start brainstorming for the right language to fully realize your brainchild. And, why don’t you give these tips a shot in creating the sexiest business proposal:

The Bigger the Better

The longer your list of people with whom you are going to do business with, the more prospects you will have to listen to your proposal. In other words, the higher the number of your prospective business partners or group is the higher the possibility of having interested individuals who would give your idea a go. So, don’t limit yourself with few people only. You can even include those acquaintances of yours who you may not even think to be business-minded but may be converted into one with the power of your words.

Avoid Temptations

Writing a proposal template can be quite tricky because you might be tempted to write more about you and your good selfless motive of pushing through your business. Frankly, nobody really cares about who you are and what you exactly do. Maybe a brief introduction of who and what you are would establish yourself as the presenter but go directly to the bottom line of your proposal – your reader’s benefit.

Satisfy Me…

What’s in it for me? Whether you agree with me or not, this would be the primary question that your clients would ask from you in relation to your business proposal. Sure it is that you have a very inspiring business move but what benefits can your clients get out from it if they will partner with you or finance your venture? Remember, business would always be business. Once money is put out, it is expected that it should come back in the form of a profit.

Show Interest.

The power of seducing a future client or partner for a business proposal lies in your convincing act. Show energy and positivity in all aspects in your presentation of your proposal from attire to materials to tone of voice. All these would reflect how committed and passionate you are to your idea. You are your own business pitch.

More Money, More Honey

Set the strength of your business proposal on the idea that your clients also highly consider their customers since they need to maintain patronage from their loyal ones and draw more new ones. Think of strategies on how to maintain good customer relations for your clients’ company.

The Head to Foot Tickle

Know your client from head to foot… not really literally but by full background of the company. In this way you can tailor your proposal into the plans of the company for growth and development. For all you know, this may be your way of wooing your client to be the perfect partner.

What do YOU have in mind?

Think of now what pleases you but what pleases your client. The best business proposal gives focus on your client so remove the “I”s and “Me”s in your writing but focus more on the name of the client’s company.

Seducing your client to give in to your proposal needs not to be that hard. Just a simple mind-blowing writing will do to lure your client and say “Yes!” to you.

All your best

Radosław Jesionkowski

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