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Swim Teaching - giant deceit

There is no teaching to swim, there are no teachers to swim in all over the world and never were.
Views: 10.372 Created 08/01/2012

I have discovered:

1. A man's body is lighter than water. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jk1i1U50_8

2. Swim ability that is the complex ability doing into the different environment.

Those two points totally change thinking about swimming and learning or teaching to swim. For now my knowledge is far, far beyond understanding by the present generation. I have to have a possibility to present my knowledge publicly. Only 8% people can understand discovery. Sooner or later a basic swim ability will become as common as cycling. One who has disabled legs and only one arm well will swim and dive very well and will achieve this from the beginning. Parents who have never been swimming will teach their children to swim for free. So-called teachers to swim (deceivers, killers in fact) will be thrown out to Patagonia using any swimming style.

The worldwide fault, deceit, a crime is: People are taught acting, moving ON the different environment, not INTO. Then lose their lives IN the water.


Only Malagasies teach their children moving in the different environment.

Teaching, learning to swim will begin when people start to teach, learn moving/acting into the different environment from the beginning not onto.

Introducing with the water - a head under water, without pinching a nose, with open eyes (first in a bath - thousands times), breathing shown above 


  and sculling


. Who combine these three abilities will never drown in the peaceful water. The rest (movements) is a piece of cake.


 drowning.jpg: So-called teachers' to swim work.

If you want to give a hand to finish the deceit - crime hidden behind the words "teaching to swim", spread this issue on the all internet.    Professors of sport academies, so-called teachers to swim, TV and magazines' editors, publishers, officials have too small brains.

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