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Windshield Crack Repair Pointers

No one likes seeing a rock flying at their car on the freeway. Even worse is when the rock causes a crack in your windshield. There are some options when repairing the crack and...
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No one likes seeing a rock flying at their car on the freeway. Even worse is when the rock causes a crack in your windshield. There are some options when repairing the crack and some tips to avoid spreading of a crack.

Windshield cracks and blemishes can be troublesome. You can never really guess what is going to happen; they almost always start small and end up spider webbing across the remaining windshield. Some rock blemishes only leave chunk of glass missing. If not treated correctly it can turn into a large crack as well.

Taking care of small chunks or blemishes is the easiest fix for a windshield. There are professional companies that will come out to your vehicle and use a resin mixture to fill the star or crack that is existing. By filling the mark the crack is aesthetically more pleasing, and more importantly the resin prevents the crack from spreading further. This method is great for prolonging the life of your windshield and saving you money up front. However, eventually the windshield will need to be replaced.

If your windshield has a large crack, the best option is to replace the entire windshield instead of attempting a repair kit. Repairs are meant for smaller stars and chunks, but larger cracks are uncontrollable. The most important thing to do is prevent the crack from getting larger. Avoid temperature change. Do not wash your car; the cold water from the hose on a hot or warm windshield causes the crack to spread. Try to leave the car in a protected garage as much as possible to avoid cold or hot weather from expanding the crack.

Replacing a windshield is a relatively painless process. Some companies will bring the new windshield to your home and replace it on site. This is convenient and does not disrupt your day. Sometimes it is quicker to take it to a shop where they have the windshield and have them replace it there. It depends on your needs and availability. Once the job has started it should take less than a couple hours to replace your cracked windshield with a brand new one.

Paying for a new windshield can often be a drag, especially if it happens often. After all, most cracked windshields are not the driver's fault, just bad luck. Many auto glass shops will bill your insurance for you. However, for many drivers this is not the best option. It all depends on your insurance deductible. New windshields can cost anywhere from $300-$700. If your deductible is more than that, it is easiest to just pay for the new windshield out of your pocket. This is also the quickest way to have the issue resolved. However, if your deductible is significantly less than the cost of a new windshield, then let the insurance pay for it, that is if it is included in your policy. Again, this decision is based solely on the cost of your insurance deductible and the convenience of making a claim.

Repairing or replacing windshield cracks is a fairly simple process. By assessing the size of the crack and your payment options you are ensuring the best possible repair job for your car and your wallet.

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Jake Newberry sells for NuStar Motors http://www.thatsnobull.com, a used car dealer in Sacramento CA, which specializes in lifted 4x4 trucks and fast cars such as Mustangs, Cameros, and Honda V-techs.

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