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Memories of Alien Abduction - an Earthly Explanation

Stories about people being caught by alien beings in aerial vehicles and subjected to examinations and experiments began appearing a few decennials ago. But what is going on?
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During some decades people over the whole world have been telling about being abducted by alien beings, often traveling in strange discoid aerial vehicles. During the abduction the beings examine the victim and experiment on him, both physically and psychologically, and often in a very intimate way.

There are both cultural and personal variations in these histories, but they are so consistent that one is inclined to conclude that this really goes on mostly as told. But the perpetrators need still not be alien beings, but earthly humans. Many of the stories can be explained in the following way:

- The victims have undergone surgeries or intimate examinations under deep sedation or general anesthesia, most often during childhood - in a health center, in a hospital, and sometimes even in a medical room at schools or kindergartens.

- The victim may have forgotten that he has had any medical procedure under anesthesia or a procedure he knows about can contain not revealed intimate details. The exam may even have been performed under disguise by luring some anesthetic drug into a child without telling him or the parents what was to happen.

- The anesthesia did not work perfectly, and probably anesthesia never does. Therefore the victim have sensed parts of what was going on, but not necessarily in a conscious way. Possibly he also had feelings in body parts afterwards, or heard conversations, that made him able to deduce what had happened. This information was then stored unconsciously in his memory.

- Later the stored memories from the medical procedure reemerges in his consciousness, often during sleep or when some event revoke the memory. It happens however in a fragmented way. To make sense of it, the victim therefore reconstructs missing parts or aspects  of the story and by so doing produces an alien abduction history. In other cases this reconstruction can produce a false memory of sexual abuse.

This explanation is strongly supported by many close similarities between medical and psychological procedures under anesthesia and the actions of the alleged alien beings. These similarities are especially close when the procedures are done on children or teenagers.



Here are listed some striking parallels between alien abduction stories and medical procedures under deep sedation or general anesthesia;

- Masks, hoods and glasses worn by medical staff in an operation room or an endoscopic laboratory make their heads and faces look bald, pointed and smooth, and appearing to contain great almond-shaped eyes. They wear green or sometimes white scrubs. Sometimes these are tightly sitting suites making them look extremely slim, other times wide coats.

Thus the heads of the staff look very similar to an alien head. The variation of body shapes and colors also conform well to variations in abduction stories that have not been edited to conform to a popular stereotypic belief about super-slim and apparently naked aliens.

- Patients, and especially children, will often get a tranquilizing premedication before being wheeled or carried into the procedure room. The premedication will typically cause a confused state where the patient feels submissive and can get a feeling of hovering.

In a typical alien abduction story, the victim is brought into a submissive state apparently by some magic action  and then transported to the aerial vehicle with a sort of floating action and flanked by aliens. Sometimes the victim tells that he is carried upon a flying stretcher.

- In the procedure room the staff lay the patient upon a table and over the table you typically find bright spherical lamps, of which one is placed just over the patient. The light from this lamp in combination with the premedication, can make an impression in the patient of floating up in the air towards the lamp.

I an abduction scenario the victim is typically floated up towards a bright spherical vehicle in the air, and often one tells about other aerial vehicles or bright hovering objects around.

- Once on place on the table the patient will often get more medication so that he falls asleep. During this process the anesthetist often sits inclined over the head of the patient while looking in his face or even tests his ocular reflexes with a light source. The anesthesia is often completed with gas and with paralyzing medication. Then all the clothes are taken off the patient.

In the abduction stories an alien sits behind the head of the victim, bends over his face, and hypnotizes him with his eyes or with bright light, with the result that he gets weak, gets sleepy and looses all his will. He typically gets paralyzed and often unconscious for some time. After a while he finds himself totally naked.

- Once naked, one will often mount a device on the patient to collect his urine, which can be a condom catheter thread over the penis or an urethral catheter going into the bladder. As a physiological effect of the anesthesia at this point, the penis can get erect. This may also create nerve impulses that are interpreted by the memory as an orgasm, even though the patient is unconscious. At this stage the anesthetist will typically still sit bent over the patient's face.

In an abduction story the hypnotic effect produced by the alien will make a man erect, and make him orgasm, while a sucking devise is threaded over his penis head to collect semen. Alternatively the story tells that a catheter is inserted in his erect penis, and also this is often interpreted as semen collection. In a story of a woman, she will often tell that her legs are spread at this stage to insert something that gets interpreted in a variety of ways.

- A typical occurrence during examination of children and teens is a general bodily assessment where one palpates many parts of the body, where limbs are bent and twisted in all directions, often to detect orthopedic problems. The spine, legs and pelvic area are most often in focus during such exams.

The stories tell that aliens examine the abductees in exactly the same way, usually in the beginning. Palpations along the spine and twisting of limbs are common ingredients in these stories.

- Injections in various parts of the body, and often series of multiple injections in a special geometric pattern are common during surgery and examinations under anesthesia, often to numb specific body parts, often in addition to the general anesthesia, and often specimens are taken from the skin, nails, hair and other bodily structures.

In alien abduction stories, needle stings performed in a systematic pattern and specimen taking from the skin and other bodily structures are frequent ingredients.

- Examinations done under anesthesia both on children and adults are often performed with endoscopic instruments. These are tubular devices which one inserts through body openings to look inside or take specimens, and sometimes also to treat. All body openings can be used for endoscopic examinations - the nasal orifices, the esophagus, the trachea, the urethra, the rectal opening and the vagina.

Alien abduction stories often contain histories of endoscopic procedures in all of the body orifices, of which the nasal orifices and the anus seem to be most frequent. In the year 1980-1995 endoscopic examinations of children and teens under anesthesia  increased markedly in frequency. These are the very same years where also alien abduction stories became common.

- Sometimes children and teens are tested neurologically by means of assemblies of electrodes on their head or other places at their body, sometimes in a sitting position, other times laying on an examination table. During testing sensual stimuli or stimuli by means of a structured conversation can be performed. The electrodes at the head are typically assembled in a sort of cap, or a cap is used to hold them in place.

Aliens are said to place some kind of headgear at the heads of the victims in order to scan their thoughts, and electrodes at all parts of the body are said to be used.

Alien abduction stories abound in accounts of advanced technical equipment to look straight through the body of the victim and to watch how his body is working. For a person that does not have much knowledge of the state of art regarding modern radiological equipment, the technical arsenal of the aliens indeed seem both foreign and futuristic.

But by closer inspection all that equipment does not seem more advanced than equipment used in modern radiological and endoscopic laboratories of the time from which the story originates. The equipment told about in these stories are furthermore typically used together with more old fashioned tools, which also will be typical for such an examination room in a hospital.



Children are fairly frequently subjected to psychological testings of various kind in health centers, schools and kindergarten. At certain places such testing are often performed after that children have been drugged or sedated to make them more cooperative or to get spontaneous answers or reactions. Psychological testing can be done in the same session as physical exams under anesthesia, before or after. Also here there are similarities with alien abduction stories;

- A psychological test of a child is often initiated by letting the child play alone or together with other children under observation, usually only lightly clothed so that bodily reactions can be observed. A psychologist will often arrange the playground, and to some extend lead the play, often acting like a playmate of the child. 

Many alien abduction histories tell that an abducted child is made to play in a playground with other children, often coached by an alien that pretend to be the child's friend.

- The psychologist will often conduct a structured conversation with the child where he is asked about his life, his interests, his likes, aversions and opinions. During the conversation they sometimes give the child pictures to look at or even show videos to test how the child reacts, sometimes also pictures or videos that trigger highly emotional reactions. The psychologist will typically also ask the child to perform specific tasks to test cognitive abilities and solution strategies that the child chooses.

Also here there is an exact parallel to what is told in alien abduction stories. The aliens are said to converse with the child about his life, opinions and values. The aliens show videos capable of evoking any kind of emotion, sometimes videos of allegedly future cataclysmic events. Also aliens are said to let victims perform specific tasks as a test.



Abduction stories sometimes contain rather bizarre elements. Teen girls sometimes say that the aliens implant fosters in their womb and that the foster is taken out again in a subsequent abduction. They also tell that the aliens show the babies to them at a later stage and instruct them to hold the babies and treat them as parents do. Some abductees  tell that they are immersed in special liquids in containers for some time.

These bizarre ingredients are not as typical of abduction stories than usually told. Gynecological procedures under anesthesia can also easily be misinterpreted like something being set in or taken out. In some cases child protective agencies or health authorities may perform secret exams on teens to test them for sexual activities or hidden pregnancy. If they find the girl to be pregnant, a foster may indeed be taken out. Since the ordeal is performed by using anesthesia as a disguise, the result can be an alien abduction story.

The apparent showing of babies may also be special psychological experiment done during certain secret projects  where advanced dolls are used, and which have the purpose of testing the ability of teens to bond to babies,

Also the immersion of the victim in liquids can be special experiments performed in certain scientific projects where teens and children are used. The immersion can also have the purpose of measuring the body volume and use this measure together with other measures to get a view of the body mass index and fat-muscle-bone ratio for children and teens in a population.



One can conclude that there are many striking similarities between the acts of the alleged alien abductors and real medical procedures under anesthesia done on children, teens and sometimes adult.

This conclusion strongly suggest that many alien abduction stories are caused by fragmented memories from such medical procedures, combined with lack of information to the patient, or even a deliberate use of anesthesia to disguise the procedure or parts of it.


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