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The creation of gravity and mass

Below is my inference pertaining cosmological issues in connection with Higgs boson and Higgs field.
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Let's abandon in this reasoning the Standard Model and by means of logic try to become aware of how we should comprehend origin of mass/gravitation. I suggest this order, because the laws of nature have priority over mathematics and in addition to that, examining of some subatomic physical entities is nowadays impossible due to obvious limitations.
In order physical entities could sense themselves (attract or repel), there must be a contact between them and this implies necessity of a cosmic medium by means of which they could interact. If there would be some empty cosmic areas between any forms of matter, that meant they could not interact, not to mention impossibility of propagation of electromagnetic waves, because such areas created a perfect layer of insulation. Similarly as the confines of the universe “touch” the nothingness, or lack of space, thus no form of matter can leave it or propagate beyond it. Such a cosmic medium appears to be primordial, homogeneous ether resembling a dense fog "seen" from the subatomic perspective, which can also be called as fundamental building block of all forms of matter and it could be named pre-matter as well. It's magnitude is obviously beyond Planck length.
Matter turns ether into magnetic field due to rotational motion of objects and in their particles as well. Magnets act similarly. “C” (clockwise) and “A” (anticlockwise) motion of magnetic monopoles structure of which is the same as of ether. We can compare attraction of magnet to two cogs turning in opposite directions and its repelling to their turning in concordant direction. It's obvious that any kind of space has braking properties, thus objects ejecting streams of ether "prefer" to unite their streams due to lower resistance through unlike poles then to eject them into braking space, hence their attracting property. Similarly, when magnets meet their like poles, they repel as it is easier way to eject streams of ether into space than approach each other overcoming the resistance of colliding ether.       
Standard Model is false as the whole, because it does not take ether into account whereas functioning of the universe is impossible to explain by exclusion of this cosmic medium allowing to get rid alleged Higgs boson, Higgs field and gluons. Matter has gravity/mass thanks to gravity/mass of ether. And such a perfect glue that keeps matter together is on the one hand magnetic field accompanying matter and on the other hand ether filling entire universe, permeating matter; filling interatomic spaces just in the form of magnetic field and constituting structures of particles, e.g. causing the highest densities in nature in atomic nucleus.
The entire ether in the pre-material universe we can acknowledge as oneness, i.e. 1 constituent. As the unity, ether had no gravitation (the same refers to something that is in perfect immobility), because nothing could create its pull. Gravitation / mass started instantly (ether got mass then) along with accidental disturbance of its density in some point of the universe, which became the incipience of creation of matter by means of its spinning, some 14 billion years ago (definitely not from initial compression, but from the initial state of looseness, but it is another topic), giving rise to the countless hydrogen clouds and further evolution of matter.  So, since then, both ether as any other form of matter including magnetic field are endowed with mass that has quantitative character. The quantitative character of mass consists therefore in quantity of ether in the given object. Both motion of mass of ether versus mass of matter along with magnetic field are in equilibrium, thus gravity is due to motion of ether which is caused by motion of matter, specifically by rotational motion of the universal nucleus radius of which amounts around 4.6*10^10 l.y. versus masses of ether beyond it, i.e. radius of the entire universe which I calculated to minimum 6.2*10^117 l.y. Thus mass of matter counterpoised by the ether would stretch in the area of the difference of the above radii, i.e. 6.2*10^117 - 4.6*10^10 l.y.

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