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How to Loose Weight and Get Slim

To get slim you must reduce your energy intake and increase your bodily activity so that you use more energy, but you must still eat so that you get all essential nutrients.
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When someone gets over-weight, it is caused by a too high consume of energy-rich nutrients and by a too low activity level. An effective slimming is dependent upon a reduction in energy consume and an increase in daily bodily activity. Here is how this can be achieved:

- Reduce the amount of fat you consume. Make your meals from lean meat, lean fish, lean poultry, mushrooms, seafood or other lean raw materials. Do not add much extra fat to your dishes, like butter and oil.

- Reduce the amount of carbohydrates you consume, like sugar and starch. To achieve this eat less bread, potatoes, beans, peas and other sources of carbohydrates. Do not add extra sugar to your meals. Fill your lust for sweet taste by eating fruit in natural form and by using natural fruit juices without added sugar.

- Reduce drastically your consume of sweeties, cakes, chocolate, sweet beverages and the like, since these products are garantiied to give you an exaggerated consume of fat and sugar, and likely the least healthy kind of fat and sugar.

- If you eat very much you should also reduce your total consume of food. To get your stomach well filled, you can however increase the amount of vegetables and fruit at each meal, since this will not give you much extra fat and carbohydrates.

- Do some exercises every day. Try to vary between muscle training and exercises that give you good condition, like running, cycling, swimming, ball play and the like. Choose something you like to do, and preferably together with some friends.

A successful slimming program is also dependent upon a healthy diet that makes you feel well, helps your calory burning and makes you able to be active. Such a diet contains all the essential nutrients you need. To achieve this:

- Eat three or four meals every day. Do not skip any meal.

- Every meal should contain some protein rich food like lean fish, lean meat, poultry, mushrooms, lean diary products or seafood. If you do not eat meat or fish, combinations of diary products, mushrooms, peas, beans, soya, nuts, sunflower seeds and almonds can give you proteins. Many of these food types also contain carbohydrates and fat too, so you  must watch the amount you consume.

- Eat some food with carbohydrates in each  meal, since you still need some carbohydrates, like full corn bread, popatoes, peas and beans.

- You still need some essential fat of the types mono-unsaturated, poly-unsaturated omega-3 and poly-usaturated omega-6. To satisfy this need, eat every day some of these food types: fat fish, sunflower seeds, almonds, nuts, avocados or other fat fruit. Vary between these types of food, but do not over-consume them. Fat fish is very good for your health, so everybody should eat some of it. If you prefere to use oil to satisfy your need for fat, use olive oil, rape oil or flax oil.

- To get enough vitamins and minerals, eat some vegetables at each meal. They should preferably be raw. If you cook them, also use the water from the cooking, since much of the minerals and vitamins will get into that water.

- A supplement of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and herbs mat be useful to enhance your ability to burn fat.


Knut Holt is an Internet marketer and author with a focus on health items. Please see his web-site to find more health and training information. There are also presentation of products to improve health, to make effective training and enhance fitness.


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