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How to Prevent and Treat Blue Balls or Congested Prostate

Blue balls is a common condition in teenage boys and young men which gives pain, cramps and swelling in the testicles, the scrotum and the prostate area. How to prevent and treat.
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By vascocongestion (blue balls) the testicles and the scrotum are typically swollen and tender. The prostate region can also be swollen, have cramps and be aching. The scrotum can also get a darker color. The symptoms usually go away by themselves after some time, typically after an hour, but it can persist or occur frequently.

The condition can occur in any age, but most often in boys during puberty and in young men, when the genital region is more active than in other ages. It is often seen in teenage boys that for some reason do not have the opportunity to get an orgasm and ejaculation in several days. Blue balls seems to be a frequent issue in some communities around the world or in certain ambients like boarding schools for boys, but in other communities it seems not to be any issue at all. In UK and North America the condition seems to be a frequent issue, but it is seldom heard of in for example Scandinavia.

The cause of the condition is often a prolonged sexual arousal with an engorged penis and perineal region without orgasm and ejaculation. During sexual arousal veins leading blood from the genital and perineal area constrict,  so that blood and lymph accumulates. By this condition the constriction of the veins does not go back but develop into prolonged cramps. Then excessive amount of blood and lymph will accumulate and stay. The blood will also loose oxygen so that it gets a bluish color.

The accumulation of lymph and blood then squeezes the tube that leads from each testicle, through the prostate and into the urethra, the Vas deferens, and clogs it. Then secretions made by the testicles and the prostate will also accumulate and increase the pressure even more. At some points the condition leads to accute symptoms. After some time the cramps and symptoms will usually cease.   Clogged vas deference or prostate can be prevented by having regular orgasms, either by sex or regular masturbation. One can also prevent blue balls by massage of the region between the legs, the testicles and the penis. This can be done by hands or by using a vibrator. Masturbation or massage of this region is also a good cure for the condition in its acute stage.

Ordinarily blue balls or related conditions are not dangerous. Sometimes it is however impossible to get an erect penis go down again even after several hours. By this condition, called priapism, where the blood vessels in the penis are clogged by permanent cramps or other causes, the inner tissue of the penis can be destroyed if it is not treated emergently. By the treatment one usually empties the stuffed blood from the penis by a small cut.


Knut Holt is an Internet marketer and author with a focus on health items and eroticism. Please see his web-site to find more health and sex  information. There are also presentation of products to enhance sexual satisfaction and to improve health.


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