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Surveillance Drones are Everywhere - And They Spy on You

Dones used for military surveillance and comat nearly every day get big headlines, but drones are by now also commonly usd for domestic surveillance.
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A drone is an unmanned flying object that is remotely controlled by someone at another place. The controle can be at the detailled level, so that the operstor actually is stearing the object along the path. The drone may however also operate automatically so that the controle is performed on a superior level.

Drones can be tiny like a small bird, or great like an airplane. They are made in many shapes. Some resamble and fly like airplanes and helicopters. Others are roundish, triangular, donut shaped, egg shaped or made to resamble birds or lately even insects. There also exist corresponding objects to be used under water and are shaped like small submarines or made to resamble fishes.

larger dones are usually driven by turbine motors or by propellars powered by turbine motors, while smaller and light drones are typically electrically driven, with the electricity originating from solar cell panels or batteries. Most drones are held aloft and steared by wing constructions like an airplane, but they may also be made like airsips and blimps.

The most frequent use of drones is for surveillance, search and scientific measurements: Armed drones for military combat are in daily use and often get big headlines. Drones can also be used for transport of several items and resque operations.

In many countries surveillance drones are now a part of daily life, but they are generally operated out of sight and camouflaged so that you do not so easily spot them. During nights drones are often lit up to make other air trafficants keep away and to make it more easy for the operators to see them, but preferably only a short time, or you can see light from the power source. Sometimes the drones use spotlights for observations and are recognized by this.

The use of advanced drones for surveillance has been with us since at least the early fifties, but for very long they were expensive and therefore not so numerous. By now drones are cheap, and most instances can afford to buy an advanced surveillance drone.  This has caused an exponatial increase in the use of drones the last years. Many UFO observations are actually observations of droes.

Instances using drones are military bodies, national police units, local police units, private companies, scientific research organisations, resque units, border conrole units and possibley child protective agencies. Drones seem also to be used in combination with senders and locator chips mounted on persons, animals and vehicles or even secretly installed in persons by surgery.

Techically observations made by drones are achieved in several ways.

- Drones can carry antenas to take up radio-born communications, often combined with equipment to decode the signals.

- They can carry antennas to take up signals from installed senders or chips operated into individuals.

- They typically carry cameras that can take pictures and videos based on visible light or on infrared radiation. They also carry spotlights based on emittance of both visible light and infrared light,

- They can carry microphones able to focus upon sound from specific spots, like for example conversations.

The way these capabilities are typically used, is by first using a wide angle observation, often from high altitude and long distance, and if something interesting is detected, one will focus upon the point where the sight or signal is located and possibly the drone will also approach.

by Knut Holt


Knut Holt is an internet based consultant and marketer focusing on technical and scientific items. He is also interested in health and fitness and in the investigation of strange phenomenons.

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