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Ander Behring Breivik - the Norwegian Murderer a Psychiatry Victim

The main motive for Breivik's murder raid was an intense hate towards Norwegian authorities, and that hate was caused by humiliations from the psychiatry in his chidlhood.
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Norway is generally thought about in the international community as a peaceful place where people are prosperous, in good health and taken care of in all good ways, and where especially children are given all opportunities to grow up an get a good life in every sense. Even Norwegians themselves are indoctrinated to think so through the education they get in kindergarten and school.

But most Norwegian children sooner or later learn that this picture of their own society is false. They learn that others are given priveleges they do not get themselves and have to compete against other children and young persons that themselves do not have to compete. They discover that the Norwegian society is full of nepotism that substansiates itself at every crossroad and corner. They discover that getting a good education and doing a good job very seldome secures you a god career and well earned promotions. This kind of social injustice seems to have  increased exponentially the latest years.

In addition Norwegian authorities have a solid and sinister tradition of using children as guinea pigs in medical and psycological experiments and downright renting out young citizens to all kind of instances that want children to experiment on. When for example the pharmacological industry, or big pharama if you will, want persons to use as guinea pigs, they know that they will get them through Norwegian authorities. Many young Norwegians have been subjected to these kind of abuses, usually during a period of institutionalization in early childhood, in addition to the general injustice and nepotism of this society.

This general picture about the Norwegian society is something one must be aware of when trying to explain what happened on july 22. 2011 in Norway, something that astounished the international community, but in fact did not astounish the average Norwegian very much.

A 31 year old Norwegian citizen, Anders behring Breivik, let detonate a bomb outside the govermental headquartal of Norway, killing 7 people and hurting many more, and causing immense damages on the buildings. Then he drove several miles up to a great inland lake, Tyrifjorden, and let himself ferry over to a small island in the lake where the Norwegian labor party had a congregation for the youngest members that also included international guests. He was at that point dressed in a false police uniform and brought with him a semiautomatic rifle, a pistol and a big quantity of ammunition, pretending he came for protection of the participants. Then he began shooting at the participants and kept on doing so in around 45 minutes until he had killes 67 persons and wounded a nearly equal number. He stopped his raid when after a lot of hesitation the police forces entered the island.

Afterwards authorities have been eagerly trying to explain the whole ordeal in a way that does not violate the false notion of Norway as the ideal society. The official explanation tend to point to Breivik himself as a mentally ill person from early childhood, to influence from fascistic political groups and to claims of his parents having abused him from early childhood on. For example are they eagerly claiming that his mother sexualized him as a little child. Some of these elements might have been there, but are far from any sufficient explanation for the development of this person.   It seems more like he was driven by an intense hate towards official authorities, and that his relationship to authorities is the real cause of his development and the main motive for his actions. In his explanations there are no elements pointing to a really malignant relationship with his mother, even though conventional psychiatrists tag that relationship as abnormal. But what especially points to such a hate as the driving force, is that those who suffered from his actions were authority persons, authority instances and children of authority persons. He had a more problematic realationship to his father, but his father tried to engage authorities to take care of him and caused that to happen in periods of his childhood.

But what could then cause that hate? Well, we know that he was, together with his mother, in the care of the psychiatry some time in his childhood. We also know that the child protective agencies took him away from his mother and placed him in foster care for periods, at least during holidays, but possible for longer periods, since everything has not been revealed.

Was something done to him during the stays in psychiatric ward and under the care of foreign instances that he felt extremely humiliating? All parts keep a thight secrecy about those ordeals, even Breivik himself, possibly because he feels an intense embarrasment about talking about it. The chance that he was used as a guinea pig in medical and psycological experiments during these stays is rather high. An intense humiliation he felt because of things done to him during these stays may be the factor that initiated his hate against the authorities and his development towards becomming a mass assasine.

Breivik was also, as far as has been revealed, subjected to mobbing from other children during his early school age. Some of these mobbers may have been sons and doughters of authorities in the Norwegian society, since he lived in a part of Oslo where many authorities have their home. Some of  the mobbers also seem to have been children from immigrant families, especially Islamic families. These mobbing ordeals can then have enforced his hatred towars authorities and initiated a similar attitude towards muslim immigrants.

Later on he probably experienced that the same young persons that were mobbing him when he was a child later on were given privileges at any crossroad regarding education, social positions and career.

Breivik probably played with the thought of revenging against the authorities from a very early time, and gradually he made his plans concrete and began making concrete arrangements for the attacks.

But he also needed some kind of excuse for his actions that hided that his motives were mostely revenge.  The motive he chose was the danger from mouslims overtaking Norway and the rest of Europe, and that this danger had produced an actual situation of war against Norwegian and European Christan culture.  Breivik probably is honest to some degree about this motive, but it is not the main force behind his actions.

He thought that this official motive would work well, because many Norwegians are to a lesser or larger degree concerned about the same issues. In order to give this excuse a firm foundation, he authored a long manifesto which was a mixture of own material and copies from other's works. 

Soon after breivik's assassine actions, his mother got hospitalized in a psychiatric ward for some time. At that point I thought: She will get cancer an she will die within some months. And indeed, she got cancer, the doctors refused to operate her, claiming it was not possible, and now she is dead. Why could I think this would happen? Well. She new something about the  real ressons that made Breivik become what he is, reasons hided in his early childhood, and I have seen that happen to other persons knowing something about the fundamental resons for bad things in the society.


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