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Trendy clothing in trendy interiors – how to take an advantage of 2014 spring

It is easy to get lost among thousands of patterns and designs with a variety of stylistics while looking through the newest fashion collections for spring/summer 2014.
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To not overlook what is the most important, it is worth to trust experts' opinions, as editors writing for the most legendary magazine that is Vogue - Jennifer Neyt, Eugénie Trochu and Hugo Compain. Taking their precious advice based on a huge experience into consideration, you can be sure that you will never make a fashion faux pas and you will always be en vogue.

When you finally decide which trends from the variety of brand new ideas suit you best, your character and shapes, you can feel free to adapt new trends not only to the clothing collection, but also to the interiors. What happens on the catwalk can become an inspiration during arranging space. Fashionable motifs or colours on walls of a  living room or as accessories will emphasize your home's character, make it entirely up-to-date and delight your guests (as well as make them envy).

Trend no.1: Motifs – aesthetic stunts and going back to roots

Fashion world is the only one that can combine so distant artistic poles as great painters and graffiti creators. Mondrian's colourful mosaics are visible on Yves Saint Laurent's dresses and Jeanne Detallante's drawings decorate Prada's creations. Céline seems to be enchanted by graffiti aesthetics. Colourful prints with great masterpieces as well as examples of the street art look splendidly on airy dresses and shirts, but look equally beautiful as room decoration. If we hang a picture or a poster with such motifs in the living room, we will express not only our sense of style but also our artistic sensibility.

The ethnic style is still present in the biggest fashion houses. Souvenirs brought from African or Southern American travels do not stop inspiring the most famous designers. Valentino dresses his models in ponchos with aztec patterns while Givenchy's models look like they came to the runaway straight from a safari. In this season there will be no lack of clothes that are perfect for a city jungle. Comfortable suits from Emporio Armani or Hermès are entirely covered with a tangle of leaves and flowers and they resemble an ivy or rainforests. The ethnic style can not do without tassels and beads as there are plenty of them in the outfits of Emilio Pucci or Roberto Cavalli. Folklore elements from different cultures may become an  interesting decoration not only for your wardrobe but also for your interiors. Coverlets, dishes, carpets or pillowcases in multicolour patterns are a quick and inexpensive way to introduce traditional motifs to your rooms.



Trend no. 2: Colours – navy blue versus purple

It is hard to simply determine a colour that is predominant in this year's proposals for spring and summer. Obviously, there are plenty of inspirations. For example, references to a sea tone, inseparably associated with a summer relax, appear very often. Marine accents can be discovered in collections of Julien David, Olympia Le-Tan and Kenzo. A variety of blue and navy blue shades do not stop to be in fashion since two seasons ago the statement was created: a blue is a new black. Clothes in this colour can be freely matched with every other tone. Shades of navy blue, aquamarine, ink or turquoise present in an intriguing manner not only on dresses and suits but also in our interiors. If you want to refresh your flat, think about using a colour from that palette.





Pantone Radiant Orchid was announced the Colour of the Year 2014. Beautiful, rich purple left its stamp on plenty of creations of the most important fashion houses. Shades of purple, lilac and purplish red are present in the accessories, elements and total looks. Airy dresses of Alexander Wang, Balmain or Isabel Marant in a colour of a powder pink, are an effect of the trend. It is not possible to not pay attention to proposals of romantic outfits in flowery patterns in obligatory lilac shades from Dolce & Gabbana,  Nina Ricci and Christopher Kane. Let's also invite the intriguing purple shades to our interiors. They can exist as a photo wallpaper, a blanket, pillows, curtains, carpets or for instance as an interestingly designed lamp or a chair in an intense shade.



Trend no. 3: Texture – transparent, folding, downy

It is obvious that spring and summer allow to uncover more body. It is not necessary to do it too literally. This season's fashion allows to discreetly emphasize our trumps. Presumably, a  lot of ladies will eagerly appear on a party or a romantic dinner in the lacey outfits, which were saw in Oscar de la Renta's fashion show. Calvin Klein and Nina Ricci propose transparent muslins, voiles and tulles barely covering arms and legs. Braver fashionists should observe black net T-shirts from Christian Dior and Alexander Wang. Nothing stands in the way to introduce these airy and transparent textures into our interiors. Light materials used in the interiors suggest clearly that warmer days are very close. 

Fur coat for summer? Why not! This is how Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Miu Miu propose to dress up in the next season. And it is not only for sunless days, but also for the ones that we spend in tropics. Fluffy, sleeveless tops or fake fur skirts do not mind the high temperature. This spring it is equally possible to wear fur coats with lightcut and vivid colours. Pleats are ubiquitous. Pleated materials work perfectly with fur gussets as well as transparent elements.

To sum up, this season is all about creative combination of materials. Such approach works also in the arrangement of interiors. Gentle elements can be contrasted with stronger ones, plain furniture fronts can be compared with rough surface of sour walls. The effect relies only on our imagination.

Trend no. 4: Evergreens – proven patents from the past 

It is clear that there was everything in fashion. Looking on some models presented in this season, it would be hard not to agree with this statement. Disco fashion from 80s is copied almost to the last thing by Yves Saint Laurent and Versace. Dresses sparkling with brocade and sequins drew attention on the fashion shows. On the other hand some polka dotted dresses presented in collections of  Moschino, Michael Kors or Dolce & Gabbana, take us to the 50s, full of  femininity and sensuality, bringing the spirit of sexy Marilyn Monroe. Retro works also at our homes. You can introduce this style to your interiors with a help of accessories from the epoch or the ones stylised as it. Original posters, accessories referring do the style of remote ages will easily take you to your favourite times. However be careful, because you can exaggerate and it is not a point to let your house resemble a dumping ground of relics of the past.

Immortal geometrical patterns in vivid colours or black-white stylistics (Balmain, Rodarte) appeared on the catwalks. They can be directly introduced to interiors. Accessories in such patterns will help you to refresh the interior in an inexpensive way and they will give some modern (and fashionable!) dimension. 



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