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How to Strengthen your Immune System and Keep Yourself Free from Infections

Here are some simple lifestyle advices to make your immune system strong and avoid infections of most kind, regarding clothing, hygiene, food, exercise and diet.
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To get a strong immune system and avoid both recurrent infections like flu and cold as well as oportunistic infections in avery body part, there are a lot of simple things you can do:

- Keep yourself dry and pleasently warm throughout the the most of the day and night. Try to avoid both freezing and to be sweat from having got too warm.

- Short cold baths can however increase your resistance if you get warm afterwards.

- Have some daily and varied exercise that both train your condition, flexibility and muscles. For this purpose moderate training is better that the extreme kind of exercise.

- Keep a good hygienic standard, but do not exaggerate the hygiene. Your immune system need to get in contact with all kind of elements to get educated. Children especially should be allowed to get in contact with both people and elements in the nature.

- A common advice is to keep your vaccination schedule as reccomended by the health authorities. But there are serious questions about certain vaccines, regarding effectiveness and side effects, for example the vaccine for influenza. The best advice is to keep yourself well informed about the vaccination program, and take those vaccines that seem reasonable for your situation.

- Try to avoid places where many people with infections are present, if possible, and if you are, or have been at such a place, good wasing of your hands before eating and after toilet visits is especially important.

- Keep a diet with only natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Do not fry or cook your food so hard that the nutrients are destroyed or spoiled. Avoid industrially processed food or fast food.

- Your diet should contain equal amounts of vegetables, fruit, fish, poultry, mushrooms and meat. Provide that you eat some fat fish, nuts or almonds, sunflower seeds and the like, because these food types contain vitamins and fatty acids important for the immune system..

- Do not add a lot of fat and sugar to your food and do not buy food with a lot of added fat and sugar.

- Some herbs or extratcs may help to boost your immune system, for example Ecinacea, Sambucus, Blackcurrant, Atragalus, Seabuckthorn, Olive lief and Umcka. These are found at the market, both as bulk herbs, single extracts and blended extracts.


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