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How to Contribute Quickly to Google Page Ranking Through Website Design?

The discussion clearly states the importance of home page design and how it can affect the Google page ranking.
Views: 654 Created 12/12/2014

Are you still trying to figure out, what the search engine giant wants and how it will alter the ranking of your website's home page? Google has now become stricter about the ranking of websites as its now more challenging than ever before. There is no fun-factor left in increasing the page ranking of a website like it used to be earlier. The methodologies used by most of the web development companies for increasing the ranking have changed but the basic mantra remains almost constant- More the visitors, higher is the ranking. To attract the visitors to your website is like solving a puzzle. The puzzle is the challenge to understand the target visitors of your website, their needs, solutions to their problems, their offerings etc. and incorporating them all in the home page design of your website. This puzzle is really interesting and will regularly provide you challenges as you come across it.

The above discussion clearly states the importance of home page design and how it can affect the Google page ranking. Also it is clearly stated above that how important the visitors are for your website. You need to keep in mind the targeted visitors of your website and design the home page accordingly.

Just ask few questions to yourself

€ Who all are visiting my website?

€ Are all of them similar or fragmented into groups?

€ Do they have any problem and can these problems be solved through my website?

€ What content will prove to be the best assistance provider to the visitors?

€ How can the visitors contact me easily if they need help or immediate assistance?

If you are developing a new website for your business via affordable and web Development Company, just ask the developer to design it keeping in mind the questions above. If you already own a website, just check out does the home page design of your website, ask yourself the questions and check whether all the questions are answered positively or not. If not, then the website's homepage needs to be refreshed. If you can do it yourself it's great, if not then it's time to contact a good company from the ground of website development India and describe them what exactly you are looking for.

The home page design will usually have 3 sections, namely Header, body and footer. Each part has several elements and each needs to be worked upon.

Header Elements

€ Logo design
€ Punch line
€ Social media Icons
€ Search box
€ Primary menu
€ Secondary navigation menus
Body Elements
€ Images
€ Videos
€ Introduction of the website
€ Smooth Navigation
€ Call to action
€ Deals & offers
€ Latest Blog post
€ Future Events
Footer Elements
€ Widgets redirecting to core content
€ Contact details
€ Site navigation menus (sitemaps, terms, policies etc)
€ Disclaimers
€ Copyrights

Always remember that you are developing a website for the visitors and not for yourself. Hence it should always leave a positive impact on the visitors coming for the first time or the existing ones. More the number of visitors, higher will be the page ranking of your website.

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