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Value of milk processing equipments in dairy business

Nowadays, dairy industries are growing very fast and provide major benefits of milk production business and milk processing business.
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Are you running a milk production business from a very long time? Are you having a dairy farm of 50-300 cows, goats and sheep? Do you want to expand your dairy business? If the answer for any of the above question is yes, then it’s time for you to change and expand your dairy business. Milk is becoming a key nutrient product consumed, all across the globe. The expansion of milk processing business, which was slow sometime back, is now highly speeding up in the European and American countries. It’s simple, if you have knowledge of handling raw milk and you own 50-300 cows, goats and sheep you can start manufacturing milk products and packaged milk.

If you are selling raw milk, you can simply earn a higher profit by selling packaged milk which is pasteurized and available in pouches of different capacities. This is probably first step of milk processing business expansion and dairy farm owners having 50-300 cows, goats and sheep can easily begin with some capital investment. For selling packaged milk a plant setup will be required in which the following equipments will be needed:

  • Milk Pumps
  • Storage Tanks
  • Refrigeration System
  • Hot Water Generator
  • Pasteurizer
  • Cream Separator
  • Packing Machine
  • Pipes
  • Electrical Fittings
  • Control Panel

Actually many milk vendors are unaware that how the milk reaches the kitchens of the consumers from the dairy farm and how long it is processed to get into that form. For setting up a milk processing plant you can take help from companies and agencies that will not only help to set up the milk processing plant but also suggest what all products should be processed from milk depending on the quantity of milk produced each day.

Every milk processing machine has its own significance. The most common and basic units include: Separators, Homogenizers, Pasteurizer and Tanks etc.

Separators: These are very important tools used in the advanced level of milk production when cream needs to be separated from milk and skimmed milk has to be obtained. However it’s not necessary that the separators are found at only high level of plants; they can be used by businessmen who own a small scale milk industry. Separators of different capacities are available and these can be used according to the milk processed each day.

Homogenizers: These are extremely important for homogenization of milk and should be manufactured with high standards of sanitization. They are available in various capacities and power consumption models, starting from 500L/H, & 3KW. The working pressure of all the homogenizers is same i.e. 100-200 BAR.

Tanks: Basically there are various kinds of tanks all of which are made up of stainless steel. The most commonly used tanks in milk processing are storage tanks and processing tanks.

Pasteurizers: It’s very important equipment if you are selling packaged milk, because it ensures the milk is safe to consume. The process destroys the microorganism and makes the milk appropriate for consumption. They’re also available in various capacities.

For buying the milk processing equipments you need to do a bit research and find the best quality milk processing tools, because milk is highly vulnerable to souring if not handled properly. The tools and equipments should be bought from a trustworthy and reputed firm only.

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