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The right way to use coupe menstruelle

It is very important to know the right technique to insert as well as remove the menstrual cup.
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During menstruation cycle using tampons or pads can affect pH level. There can also be TSS and some other health hazards too.

Is there any substitute to tampons or pads?

You can well sue cup menstruelle in exchange of pads as it absorbs the menstrual fluid which will get collected in the cup. Thus, it won't affect pH level and can allow you to maintain menstrual sanity. The best feminine hygiene product is this cup which can be reused always. The life expectancy of this kind of product is almost 10 years. But then when you want to keep it durable you will have to maintain it well. This cup can hold on up to 12 hours. Buying coupe menstruelle does not mean that you have to compromise over comfort level. Buying right quality of cup can help in maintaining safety and reliability factor.

You need to know the usage process before you start finding the right cup. Learn ways to insert cup and remove it safely without leading to any kind of leakage problem. Using such cup can allow you to gain proper sleep. These cups can very well hold on to all the liquid for a longer time. You will not just gain good relief but then will also get relief from the problem of rashes. Coupelle menstruelle can minimize chances of suffering from leakage problem.

Learn the right way to sterilize this product in order to maintain safety issue. If you do not insert this product properly it can create embarrassing moment for you. Inserting this cup well will help you wear all your different type of clothes comfortably too. Using such cup menstruelle can allow you to enjoy swimming as well as other sports activities. The non absorbent nature of cup can deliver you with maximum comfort level.

Perfect way of inserting the menstrual cup

Pick on the coupe menstruelle which will offer good instructions for the usage. You will understand the right method and make things comfortable for you when you insert this product repeatedly. Remember that when cup is wet you can find it easy to insert. Hence just rinse your hands and insert the same very well. If you are using it for eth first time you can insert it by using some water based lubricant. Make use of C fold system to insert menstrual cup. If required you can trim the stem to gain maximum comfort level.

The perfect technique of removing the cup

You can easily empty the coupelle menstruelle in the morning as well as in the evening or night. The flow of the menstrual cycle will decide the removal of the cup. Make sure that you create a perfect base before removing the cup. Allow your vaginal muscles to relax and gain comfortable position to remove cup.

Just lightly pull out the stem of the cup and release the vaginal walls. To avoid spoilage it is important that you perfectly take care of the removal process by holding the cup in upright position. Use warm water to wash cup and your hands.

You need to have patience while removing the coupe menstruelle. Before using such internal feminine hygiene product it is advisable to consult your doctor. A perfect research work will be helpful to you in deciding the perfect size of the cup which you should use.

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