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Why are the coupe menstruelle Française better than others?

This article shows the major reasons to prefer menstrual cups than other menstrual protections. As during menstruation it becomes difficult to purchase costly protections.
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Cup menstruelle are reusable cups which are made out of soft, silicon rubber. These cups are basically around two inch long. It is worn internally like that of tampon. However it collects menstrual fluid instead of absorbing. These cups are not like tampons which are disposable products and so you will be required to purchase only one.

Do you wish to buy coupe menstruelle? If yes, then there are some of the things that you need to know about it. It is then you can make the right decision and know whether it is a worth choice to make or not.

Amount of fluid coupelle menstruelle can hold Usually menstrual cup will hold around 30ml of fluid. This means all most one thirds of the average fluid produced every period. A light seal sort is formed through your vaginal walls which will allow the fluid to directly get into the cup and that too without any odor or leakage. You will have to empty your cup frequently rather than changing it or replacing it like that of tampons or napkins.

Why is cup menstruelle a better option? You can get too many benefits from the menstruation cup. The best part is that these cups are better for your body, environment and your pocket. Mentioned are a few reasons why you should be using the right menstrual cups for your body is as follows:

Tampons usually absorb around 65% menstrual fluid and 35% natural moisture. This develops imbalance in the moisture and pH levels of the vagina. However this is not the case with menstrual cups. These cups will not interfere with your healthy vaginal environment.

Other than this these cups will also not leave any fibers in the vaginal wall. These cups will also not lead to any toxic shock syndrome. The cups which you choose are designed in a way where in they do not contain bleaches, deodorizers or some emergency gels.

Coupe menstruelle are ones which are made out of silicon and will not lead to any kind of irritation. It is something which is suitable for those women who have sensitive skin or then allergies too. These cups are made through special medical grade non allergic silicone. This is just for your safety. Silicon is derived from silica. This is one of the abundant minerals on earth.

The best way to use coupelle menstruelle If you have correctly and rightly inserted it is very comfortable that you will forget its existence. At first inserting it can take little practice. You need to first find the angle and then position it rightly. Once you choose these cups you will then make out how simple it can be.

When you want to use it all you need to do is rinse it and wipe and then insert it. After that you can insert it and use it again. You need to do this every four to eight hours on the basis of your flow. The fluid will remain inside the cup and the procedure will not be messy or uncomfortable.

The best part of coupe menstruelle Française is that they can be safely utilized over the night too and it is good for all sports like swimming and traveling too. Now that you know all this you would surely be entice to purchase these cups.

You may get more details about coupe menstruelle Française from this site.

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