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Know the facts Associated with Google Glasses Application Development

Google Glass Development the best invention that has been made so far for the fact that it can get transformed to any face of the technology which will be made in this era.
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Google Glass is one of the best example that you can ever come across of the new and advance technology that certainly has helped the human to ease down their way of living. Talking about this amazing program, now if you are planning for Google Glasses Application Development, you can certainly start creating a strategy and map in your mind on how you can make it.

Advantages that you must Know:

  • Google Glass Development the best invention that has been made so far for the fact that it can get transformed to any face of the technology which will be made in this era. Thus it has ability to build and make the lives much easy, simple and you can thus gather all the information at one single place.
  • You may find its design something weird, but the thick ness which it has got is worth commendable. It is designed on the solo area. The person who will wear it can only realize how comfortable it is. But regular person many find it usual at first.
  • The display is simply amazing. with the heads-up display and the microphone attached on it, you can enjoy lot many services. it is not only restricted to the microphone, you can also enjoy other features such as built in –GPRS and camera. It also comes with voice activated technology for better security and easiness. What else would you need from such tiny device.
  • One more great information to share is it comes with superimpose informing providing system which means, it can give you the details of the place where you are currently looking at. Suppose you ware walking right from the Eiffel tower, then you can see the details about it as you pass by or the detail of the product that you buy can also pop up as you browse the market.

Drawback of Google Glass development

  • As compared to other looks of technology that has been invented so far, you might be disappointed to see the nerdy look that you get from it. This may also create the clumsiness
  • When the picture would be taken automatically, you will not get any kid of indication. It is thus more like a hidden camera that would capture your any moment even when you are not prepared for it.
  • You might be at the risk of dropping yourself on ground if you get too engaged in reading the text or the information which gets displayed on the Google Glass

Talking about the Google Glass Development, it is the best thing you can serve to your end users. But are you’re really sure on what all are the advantages and drawbacks associated with it. if not, then before you work out on how and which application to create, you must go through this article. This will help you gain lot of knowledge about Google Glass and how you can create the right application.

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