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The Future Opportunities for App Developers through Wearable Glass App Developme

Few tools are already available to create a Wearable App Development. The app can communicate with Glass in a limited way.
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A wearable computing device that can be used for gaming for productivity apps can be done through Wearable Glass App Development. For example, the app can allow you to get notified when you get can email. Based on the concept of augmented reality, it is a wearable mobile device. A very different from the mobile devices it is very futuristic gadget which is growing rapidly in the market.

The Glass creates a new market for application developers. According to IMS Research, based in U.K., the market for the Wearable Glass may reach to $6 billion by the year 2016. While around 70 million connected wearable gadgets has been estimated to e in market by the year 2017. According to Juniper Research, Google will sell around 15 million Wearable Glass devices in the year 2017.

The device has unique features which will make Wearable Glass App Development a different experience for the application developers. Applications that need to be compatible with Wearable glass functionality and its built in features, Wearable App Development will need to focus on specific applications that are particularly only to this device and platform. Not a typical mobile user, but the users of this device will be of different type.

From those wearable gadgets, the application developers would expect $400 million market opportunity from the consumers current spending patterns of about $10 per month on apps. The expected revenue can be doubled easily to $800 million through the in app advertising and the promotions that runs within the applications.

Tools for Wearable Glass Application Developers

Few tools are already available to create a Wearable App Development. The app can communicate with Glass in a limited way. But the mirror API offered by Google allows developers to create cloud based applications for Wearable Technologies (Wearable Glass). The Glass Development Kit will allow the apps developers to use Android code so as to create Glassware and hence will be more full featured. However the Glass Development Kit has not been released yet.

Google will make possible the development of a whole new group of Glass apps once the Glass Development Kit is been released. Access to gyroscope, accelerator, compass, and other hardware of the Glass device will be provided by Glass Development Kit. Complex OpenGL based graphics on the Glass devices can be created by the Developers. At present there are only HTML based cards for their applications, but the creation of more complex user interfaces, games and real time augmented reality apps can be made possible through Google Development Kit.

Initially, the application developers were constrained to manage using Android SDK and NDK that offers only incomplete Glass device access. However, with the recent improvement a group of students in computer science has released WearScript. The app developers can use this as code library to write applications. For Glass using JavaScript.

The device can be popular due to its great potentiality. Developers need to take advantage as early as possible for this new Wearable Technologies (Wearable Glass) in the market as the stakes for the application developers are very high.

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