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Is Milk Beneficial For Health?

The milk is a great source of magnesium, phosphorous, calcium and protein that all are important for healthy bone development and growth.
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First of all, it is important to know what milk is. Milk is a liquid that contains 87.5% Water, 3.9% Fat, 3.4% Proteins, 4.8% Lactose, and 0.8% Minerals. Milk is chock complete of nutrients to help your body and give more extra nutrients. There are numerous benefits of drinking milk regarding health. Some of them are:

Bone Strength

The milk is a great source of magnesium, phosphorous, calcium and protein that all are important for healthy bone development and growth.  Adequate utilization of milk from early youth and all through life can help to build the bones well-built and protect them against various diseases like osteoporosis in later on life. It is very important to keep unchanged milk’s ingredient during milk processing. If milk is not processed properly, then the quantity of phosphorus and calcium may decrease in the milk.


The quantity of calcium and phosphorous in the milk is also helpful for the growth and development of strong teeth. The richest protein in milk is casein and is protecting as it forms a thin layer in the enamel exterior, which avoids loss of phosphate and calcium from the enamel while the teeth are exposed to the acids in the mouth.

Blood pressure

There are various numbers of studies recommend that consuming 3 parts of milk products every day, along with 5 parts of fruit and vegetables. This is a low salt diet and decrease high blood pressure in both children and adults. There are number of milk production and milk processing techniques. It is very important to perform these techniques in a proper way because the milk may lose its various ingredients during milk processing.  

Cardiovascular Disease

Various studies related to milk and dairy product utilization have shown that milk reduces the hazard of cardiovascular disease. In general, studies have shown that higher calcium intakes may decrease higher levels of bad cholesterol in blood, and increase lower levels of good cholesterol, both of which are well-known risk things for cardiovascular disease. Milk plays a great role to control cholesterol in blood.   


Experts’ Studies have revealed that intake of milk foods as a portion of a calorie is controlled diets that are connected with better weight loss, mainly type the abdomen. Therefore, milk is advantageous to solve fatness problem.

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