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Manufacturer of steam turbines

Steam turbines, small steam turbines, micro steam turbines
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Steam turbines are helping the company earn money. It’s easy, because the steam turbines can be personalized to suit every customer around the world.

Small steam turbines...

They consist of rotating reduction, which can by merged with existing system in any industry. It reduces your costs through electricity production or direct drive of other devices.

The small steam turbine consists of rotating reduction, which works with steam pressure. It design is prepared for extremely low steam flow. The offer is really wide and you can choose from several types of rotating reduction.

How does it work?

Microturbines designed for use in steam systems only convert enough energy to lower the pressure. So the steam emerging on the other side can still be used by the process. This is called like a back-pressure turbines.

Where do these solutions currently earn money?

The small steam turbines save money in many operations around the world. It has been installed in various forms, to suit the demands of the customer. This equipment already earns money in these industries: chemical plants, wood plants, breweries, dryers, distilleries, dairies, sugar refineries, rendering and heating plants, incinerators, heat exchangers and many others. So they are used for example in Power Plant in Berlin – Germany, in Solar Power Plant in Australia or in Sugarcane Factory in Egypt.

The main advantages

There are many advantages of steam turbines, for example – they have only small dimension requirements, easy set up and short payback period.

  • low costs for installation
  • minimum dimensions for installation
  • short payback period
  • very easy installation, easy set up and also use of microturbines

Would you like to rationalize your production? Make profit by installing the modern steam turbines?

There is the best fit solution, based on your personal demands and conditions in your place of operations. Today’s market provides a variety of products which can be personalized to suit the unique demands of every customer.

In very large industrial plants are used small machines, which can produce macro power. And these micro helpers are very efficient and ecological.

The small turbines are driven by steam power energy, which they transform to produce the electricity or to drive the other industrial machines.

If you are wondering whether your company is suitable for micro steam turbines, don’t worry! Every modern company has got these achievements. And people who invested to steam turbines are absolutely satisfied!

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