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Google Glass: Value your voice

Most of the multinational companies do the Google glass App development by hiring such app developers.
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Google glass is the next generation of the smartphones we are using today. Google glass app development is on the basis of recent advanced technologies. The platform and software are mostly provided by Google itself. Thereby, these are quite unique, user-friendly and highly efficient.

Most of the multinational companies do the Google Glass App Development by hiring such app developers. These freelancers have a good command on various programming languages and software tools used for app development. Though they get their programming software from the company yet they also have their own software developing programme. The combination is highly efficient to develop many unique and high-performance apps.

These wearable computing devices are designed for easy connectivity with various devices and can run almost all the high-resolution websites. This device will be equipped with numerous apps and hence is the requirement of very high skilled programmers and app developers. Thus, it can create a large job openings for the talented youth programmers and thereby, can contribute to nation’s economy also.

This new technology allows the users to take snaps or to capture the live actions of each and every moment of their life within a few seconds and through a single voice command. And Google has made this a total reality. Can you believe it? You do not have to press any key anymore. And you need not be worried for its user compatibility. It will be operating through mobile and wi-fi connectivity and will be made simple and user-friendly. So you can connect from anywhere and from any devices. The device has a microphone, display, touchpad and battery which are together incorporated in a single frame or chip. So it is light and you can carry it with you wherever you go. And do you know, you can access it with your voice command in your own native language too. Is n’t it very shocking? And all its advantage will make it the perfect replacement for Pcs.

Till now many apps are developed already which includes apps for taking notes, to recognize faces, for barcode scan, for QR read, for photo share, for translation of languages and the demand for app development is still high.

Google Glassware is used to develop the apps which are built on Google Mirror API to develop fun applications. Google glassware (created using programming language Java or Python) help to send and receive the data and contents to and fro from the glasses. Users need not download the apps or configure them, they can simply receive the information directly on the device. Google glassware can be used for EUR gmail to exchange messages, EUR goggles to surf information, EUR google+ for social networking, EUR google plays music for listening to songs from a large no. of collections. However, it is the user compatibility and easy functionality that has given the technology a new direction.

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