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An innovative idea for the smarter business

It can be launched without much fuss, and is convenient for use. It is perfect way to wet one’s feet in the business world before making the huge leaps.
Views: 757 Created 06/29/2015

In the globally growing world, everyone is striving to make money, either by service or by business. More and more people are opting for earning using different websites. But since last five years, there has been a saturation in the market and all the old apps have already been developed.

In such a time Bla Bla Car Clone service has come across as a breath of fresh air to the people searching for the perfect startup. It not only provides the means to earn money, but also provides a way to save the environment of the earth.

Bla Bla Car clone is carpooling website script which once purchased can be run as an independent carpooling website, i.e., it provides one with the script to set up an independent website which allows people to post about giving and taking the carpool rides while sharing the Rota de Viagem.

Why is blablacar script special?

  • It is a novel concept. Although there are many other carpooling options available, independent carpooling websites have not yet been explored to its potential.

  • The script offers many special features to suit all kind of users like

    • The script allows the realtime search of the ride sharing same rota de viagem using Geo location.

    • The script allows setting up of the payment in Multi currency

    • It also allows Multiple language, hence showing Solidaridade with the customers of all parts of the world.

    • The Auto money calculator makes the life of the both customers and site-owners easier

    • Auto commission is deducted from the payment made by the consumers.

    • The payment gateways of the site are secure and encrypted.

  • The site owner gets free site maintenance and fixing of bugs for lifetime.

  • The site developed will be suitable for both mobile and PC navigation.

  • The script is developed in such a way that it is SEO friendly making the site exposure an easy task.

  • In order to promote the business, the site allows sending of newsletter to the users letting them know about different types of rides that are available.

With its completely developed script and tested codes, this suitable for all kind of owners. Be it a housewife looking for a work from home idea, or a full time employee looking for some side income, or a citizen who just solidaridade with the plight of daily commuters, this website is can help everyone. It can be launched without much fuss, and is convenient for use. It is perfect way to wet one’s feet in the business world before making the huge leaps.

The initial investment required will be a small onetime payment to own the site, and once the website is set up, the owner does not have much to do. The site comes along with a lifetime license for the script and license for one domain as well. Also, the executives are available round the clock to help the site owners. Thus the business is easier and less of an headache for the owners.

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