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How to cure paralysis naturally through ayurvedic medicines

Paralysis is an ailment which really affects the whole life of a person. It is a disease in which the person has an inability to control the movements of the muscles.
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Paralysis is an ailment which really affects the whole life of a person. It is a disease in which the person has an inability to control the movements of the muscles. This problem affects a part of the body. The part where it affects is not active and whole life of person becomes depressive. Depend on the causes and the reasons of paralysis among people; paralysis affects the body part accordingly. Like if the one side of the body is affected with paralysis, then it is termed as hemiplegia. If the both regions are affected with this problem then the situation is termed as bilateral or diplegia. If the lower limbs of the person are affected then the situation is termed as paraplegia and when all the four limbs of the person is affected then it called as quadriplegia. So in every individuals the reasons may vary and the results also.

Causes of paralysis

There are various reasons that cause paralysis in human body. Some of them are given as-

Head injury- I f a person is having any head injury in his life then he may have chances to get paralyzed. Because the brain is a part of body which functions the other body parts, if there is any damage in that person gets paralysed.

Stroke- In this case, blood supply to the brain is stopped or interrupted. Blood carries nutrients and oxygen to brain which helps in proper functioning of the body. If this stops it will cause paralysis.

Multiple Sclerosis- If there is any interruption in the communication between the muscles and the brain then there will be high risk of paralysis attack.

Spinal cord injury- this will also result in the paralysis attack. This cord is a part of central nervous system and it helps in the transmitting the signals from and to the brain. If some damages occurs then, there is a problem in transmitting the signals and results paralyses attack.

Tumours, posining – if there is any tumor in brain or any case of poisoning in individual, then there is huge risk of getting paralyzed.  

Natural remedies for paralysis

In ayurveda, it is possible to get treatment of paralysis through certain herbs and medicines. Herbs like ashwagandha, and bala are very important herbs which are useful in treating paralysis. If the person is taking millet, barley and rye, it will also helpful in great extent. Apart from these medicinal herbs one should be careful about his or her dietary habits. Avoid those foods which are bitter and pungent in taste. Some oils in ayurveda are also prescribed for the patients of paralysis. The massage of these oils helps in blood circulation and is helpful in treating the patient of paralysis. Go natural, these Natural Remedies For Paralysis have no side effects and are very effective in healing. The cost attached to them is not very high so everyone can afford them who are suffering from this ailment.

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