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Tips for Job Seekers of the modern day world

When you finish your academic journey and graduate past your university, there is a sudden sense of silence, calmness and empty feeling. The whole storm of the years where you a...
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When you finish your academic journey and graduate past your university, there is a sudden sense of silence, calmness and empty feeling. The whole storm of the years where you always were either excited about the next day or stressed about the assignment is now over. You have nothing more to look forward to when it comes to your university or education. Your university is now a thing of the past and the only connection you have with it is the alumni network. You are tagged as a past student and now the university will shift its focus to a new batch. Everything about you will be forgotten in the days to come. All this makes for such a scary thought, that something you hated so much now is over and you are already regretting it.

This is the kind of feeling that almost all graduates go through. The pointlessness that you get after you graduate can really give you the chills. Every graduating student now will shift his focus to quickly getting started with the next chapter of their lives. Finding a job is that starting point. However, in today’s modern world, even that doesn’t come easy.Due to the economic crunch and so many students competing for a single post, finding a job is literally like fighting a war. The blog will speak about some amazing tips and insights for job seekers to quickly get started on the right path rather than wasting their time.

Strong internet presence

Most of the hiring today is done through social networks and online applications. So besides filling and updating an attractive resume on a Word document, you must also have a strong credible internet presence. Platforms like LinkedIn and Job Blogs will provide you an opportunity to come across various openings around your area and interest. If you have to find opportunities, then having the right internet presence on important platforms is very important. You must balance your CV dropping jog and the internet searching in order to ensure you are leaving no stone unturned to find a good job.

Get a professional opinion on your profile

Your university days are the best chance to build a network with teachers and experienced professionals who can assist you in the initial job hunting and provide you advice. By taking advantage of those, get in touch with a professional and get an opinion on your resume. Ask them the Do’s and Don’ts in the industry you are applying, the best way to apply and the right people to go to.

Prepare for interviews

All this time you must also prepare for your interviews, find out the questions which are common and the best way to answer them. Interviews are a terrific opportunity to make your mark in a competing world and not a single interview should be wasted.

Do something productive

Do a small course which can put a highlight on your profile and is relevant to the jobs you are applying for, do not waste your idle time. This can make your resume look different from all the ordinary ones that come for the same job.


Author Bio

Mario Falcao is the author of this blog post. Mario works as a human resource manager and a talent advisor for a firm in Canada. He likes to provide insights and advices to job seekers online through his blogs on the website Dissertation-House-UK for more details follow here at twitter and Gplus.

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