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Help for poor children’s education in Malawi and bring smiles on their faces

Education is always a strong pillar of a growing nation and a sound economy. To provide the basic education is just important as other basic facilities. Always think that a stro...
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Education is always a strong pillar of a growing nation and a sound economy. To provide the basic education is just important as other basic facilities. Always think that a strong country with well educated personalities will have a strong future. It’s our duty to offer our poor children the creative opportunities and to direct them for a strong future. Our future generation must be responsible, self-dependent and should be kind towards one another. UTBT, one of the best charitable trusts help for poor children’s education in Malawi and also provide proper health facilities, basic standards for a better life, nutrition to fight against complete poverty and to build a bright future.

Education is a human need just like water and food
Everyone should understand that education is a human need like water and food. If a child is denied of basic education he will have a tough future to win his bread. So along with the basic facilities offered by UTBT, there is a special wing offering for child education charity that completely work for bringing out the best education to all poor children.
Many people come forward to help poor children but they don’t know the exact advantages of doing so. Some people don’t know the advantage of getting education. Just remember two things if you are stepping backward to provide education to poor children.

•    Their stomach and brain are hungry: Help them to share a single bit of bread to support both.
•    Education is a need, yet nobody will come to answer it. Furthermore, regardless of the fact that they come, it might be too late. If you provide education or help for poor children’s education in Malawi you are helping a whole family not just a one. It’s always good to provide water and food for the needy, but providing education along with that will bring colors to their lives.

Individuals do need to trust in you, your words and your examples of practices first. At that point you set out on trip which gets to be self-motivating. Education provided will never be an extra burden. A whole country gets molded through your offerings. It ought to be an inner friend to the students. Individuals ought to take a gander at training as light to open their way forward.

Civic education gets enlightened
Civic education is basically making awareness among civic or simply “civic awareness”. It's a procedure of finding and using one's inward power as an individual. It's an approach to get associated with what people have done and accomplished to encourage their life conditions all through history. Thus by understanding the inner talents one can help the poor children to improve their inner companion. The child education charity program at UTBT aims to serve all poor children in Malawi for a civic education.

All discourses on human rights, social liberties, citizenship rights fall under this subject.

Even girls to school
We need to ensure maximum number of girls could be allowed go to class and learn. To start with, we urge for their schooling as a key to their education and well-being. One who is providing education should think about the parity of gender. Education must be for all and not for a particular gender. We discover backers for their educational cost charges and other instructive costs at whatever point they experience because of their family financial circumstance. At last, we give young children scholarship programs to proceed with their education.

Thus UTBT is generously helping to provide education to every poor child in Malawi as education is right and not a burden.

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