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Saudi Arabia: An Experience to Cherish

Jeddah, a city on the coast of Red Sea in Saudi Arabia is considered the hub for tourism and commerce. This city is the second largest city of Saudi Arabia.
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Often people say, “If travelling was free, you will never see me again” because people are crazy to travel, see something new, visit all around the world, try every dish around the globe and enjoy life to the fullest, well, nobody wants to be stressed and working all the time, a break is needed from the daily routine to improve the state of mind, become stress free and relax for a bit. Everybody gets bored of the monotonous tiresome life, working day and night, meeting targets and what not, that’s when a person aspire for an outing, a holiday away from work, away from city chilling and enjoying.

Feeling bored with life? Need a break? Well, now is the time to travel for pleasure, entertaining oneself and attracting the peace of mind. The tourism industry is now on the rise, making amazing packages and plans for national and international trips in every budget. Thinking of planning a trip, the country worth visiting is the Saudi Arabia, Arab state in Asia famous for its culture, religion, art and sports.

Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia:

  • Grand Mosque
  • Masjid-an-Nabi
  • Black Stone
  • Safa to Marwa
  • Kingdom Centre Tower
  • National Museum
  • King’s Fountain

Jeddah, a city on the coast of Red Sea in Saudi Arabia is considered the hub for tourism and commerce. This city is the second largest city of Saudi Arabia, promoting Jeddah Tourism, giving huge employment opportunities and promoting the culture of the state.

Every year, a large number of tourists visit the state, especially to stopover the following places:

  • King’s Fountain
  • Ballad
  • Red Sea Mall
  • Jeddah Cornish
  • Floating Mosque
  • Fakieh Aquarium
  • Silver Sands Beach
  • Mall Of Arabia
  • Makah Gate

These are the few famous places to be visited while in Jeddah, but nothing is worth visiting without shopping. Going to a new place and not shopping, well that is not possible and Shopping Malls in Saudi Arabia provide the best brands of anything a person asks for. From clothing to accessories and any other item from household to personal items, everything is made available under a roof of every national and international brand.

Most Popular Malls in the state are:

  • Red Sea Mall, Jeddah
  • Al Nakheel Mall, Qassim
  • Flamingo Mall, Riyadh
  • City Mall, Riyadh
  • Marina Mall, Dammam
  • Al Rashid Mall, Khobar

Earlier, there used to be a time women were not allowed to visit the malls or go out of the houses after a particular time and before going out women must be covered under the burkha, but with the changing of time, the restrictions got removed and now women are allowed to shop their own styles and at any mall with freedom. So, to conclude for a travelling enthusiast, Saudi Arabia is a place that requires a must visit because a chance to visit and witness the culture and tradition of this state is a chance for a lifetime.

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