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Things to Know About Garage Door Springs

In the write-up, the author gives us an account of how the titular component is important in the proper functioning of a garage door.
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Most people pay little attention to the springs on their garage door. For the most part, it is understandable why they do not want to be bothered by any single component in the system. However, there are several reasons why you should take garage door springs seriously, including the fact that they are essential to the door system functioning properly. Besides, they are very dangerous if you tamper with them, unless you know what you are doing.

If the garage door is not opening or closing right, chances are it is because the door spring is malfunctioning. Door springs do break, but can be replaced with new ones bought from a supplier. There are, however, risks to that approach, and you should know how to avoid these when replacing the garage door springs.

Garage springs and safety

The springs used in garage doors are tightly wound, which means they are under a lot of tension. So in the event that spring breaks, it can fly off with enough power to cause certain harm if you are in the way. Don’t be. Leaving repairs to the pros has always been the best approach, and if the door were old, or showing signs of breaking down, you should get a contractor to check out the springs first.

If the springs are only squeaking or emitting some other type of noise, applying lubricant is usually enough to solve the issue. Be liberal while applying garage door lubricant, and see if the problem goes away. If it doesn’t, call a professional service that does maintenance for door springs. Although, if you installed the finest garage door springs Huntington Beach, and maintained them well, expert assistance probably wouldn’t be necessary.

Safety cables

Extension springs and torsion springs work differently, with the former having a cable on each side of the door and running through the spring, and also attached to the wall or ceiling. If you have extension springs, the safety cables are an important safety feature. If one of them were to break, it could result in serious injury while opening or closing the door.

Unbalanced springs

A garage door in good working order will open and close smoothly, and without making any noise. You could have a serious problem on your hands if there is a creaking sound while opening the garage door. If so, call an expert over immediately and have them look into it.


Garage door springs come are fixed to brackets at the bottom of the garage door, which also bear a lot of tension. For this reason, adjusting them is something only a professional should be trying. If you are inexperienced and the brackets need maintenance, don’t attempt to repair it yourself.

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