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StudentShare at a Glance

Fighting writer's block? Need a push to get writing going? Then StudentShare is the site for you.
Views: 707 Created 04/13/2016

It is a place where you can learn how particular assignment should be done and get ideas to create unique piece of your own. Interested? Let's have a closer look at this resource.

What does it have to offer?

The site has lots of things students will appreciate. At StudentShare, you can find papers, reviews, lab reports, essays, case studies, research projects including doctoral ones and articles on diverse topics. In short, there is educational material to fit any degree and difficulty level. Just enter Categories section and you'll see it yourself. The choice of papers and disciplines is really wide.

All this stuff is done by native English speakers, cleared from mistakes, if any, and scanned with plagiarism detectors. At least, so says the company. So any assignment you can see on the site is of good quality existing in a unique copy.

How it works?

StudentShare produces nothing, it only displays ready-made paper samples available for download. Thus, you can get a particular draft in one click. 

Some tasks are free while others are paid. You can buy them using tokens, special currency adopted by StudentShare to make payment convenient for customers. If you don’t use this site often, paying with tokens is okay. But if you're regular visitor then subscription plan is more beneficial for you. In that case, you get particular number of tokens to last for a definite period. If you run out of tokens before you run out of time given according to particular subscription plan, you can buy more tokens to refill the balance.

Is StudentShare the right option for me?

Actually, it depends on what you need. If you don’t want to pore over essays and prefer someone else to craft them for you, StudentShare isn't your thing. If you need a push to get off the ground with intricate paper topic, a good sample to learn some formatting things or ideas, this site is worth your attention. Anyway, it's up to you.



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