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A Sugar Daddy in Russia

In the past couple of years, Russian politicians have been desperately trying to convince everyone that Russia is a unique country.
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However, despite all their attempts, a shrewd observer will easily notice that Russia is very similar to the West, and that many aspects of everyday Russian life, including love and sex, are very similar to those found in Western countries.

Sugar daddy is a slang term for a man who offers support (typically, financial and material) to a younger companion (typically, a kept woman). Unlike ordinary prostitution, Sugar Daddy-Sugar Baby relationships (Sugaring) offer plenty of advantages for both parties. Firstly, this kind of relationships includes spiritual and friendly communication in addition to sex, and secondly, it provides a girl with financial income while a male is provided with sex and all the joys of a relationship with a young and beautiful girl. Finally, the society’s view of Sugar Daddy-Sugar Baby relationships is pretty tolerant in comparison with moral condemnation of ordinary prostitution.

This type of relationships has been widespread in Western countries for a long time. It has even become a big industry that spawned online dating sites for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies visited by millions, as well as hundreds of specialized agencies working to find suitable partners for their customers.

Gradually, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are starting to catch up with Western countries not only in ubiquity of this kind of relationships in their societies, but also in the rise of commercial dating industry for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies.

In recent years, public perception of relationships of the Sugar Daddy-Sugar Baby model in Russian (Ukrainian and Belarusian) societies has become very liberal; it is considered almost ‘normal’ now, and doesn’t cause moral condemnation. There’s another aspect of this: while in the past years the main reasons girls would enter such relationships were a difficult financial situation or a substance addiction, today the reason is quite simple – it may be a slightly falling  income, or just the reluctance of a girl to work or study. The law and the police view this kind of relationships as absolutely legal and not subject to persecution.

The phenomenon has become so widespread that today, seeing a couple with a significant age difference in public, most onlookers would immediately assume that this is a Sugar Daddy with his Sugar Baby and not a loving father with his daughter.

In the last few years, Russian and Ukrainian businessmen have started to commercialize this kind of relationships, as in the West. There are new specialized dating sites for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies, which have already welcomed tens of thousands of new registered members. On the usual, non-specialized dating sites, there are separate search forms for Sugar Daddy-Sugar Baby relationships.

Today in Russia, all aspects of pleasure in the relationships of a Sugar Daddy and a Sugar Baby are available for a big thick wallet: you can meet a very young girl, you can meet her when you need it and the way you need it. The only requirement for a Sugar Daddy is the desire and the ability to foot the bills.

The much more rich American Sugar Daddies can only envy the model looks of Russian Sugar Babes and the insignificant prices their Russian counterparts can have them for - merely 1500 – $ 2000 a month.

Therefore, in recent years, some American and European elderly tourists add to their travel tour to Russia (Ukraine and Belarus) a small 3-4 day or a week-long sex tour. They have the opportunity to become a wonderful Sugar Daddy for a few days for very reasonable money by Western retirees’ standards.

A company that organizes this service for our elderly lucky ones finds a girl who suits the requested parameters, stipulates the size of the payment in advance as well as the amount of time that a newly formed couple is to spend together, provides transportation, accommodation, security for the tourist, translation services for communication with the girl through the dating period.

Of course, the degree of popularity and demand for such trips to Russia (Ukraine and Belarus) has not yet caught up with that of sex tours to Thailand, although the perspectives are good. The popularity of such trips will inevitably grow, and many western seniors are going to fill the night clubs of Moscow and Kiev in the next few years.

Shmilovitch Michael,


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