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Paleo Diet, What is It and What Benefits and Dangers does It Give?

In a paleo diet you will eat as people ate before the agriculture was invented. According to the theory, this type of diet is best utilized by the human organisms.
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By a paleo diet you eat like people ate before the agriculture was invented and the purpose of such a diet is to stay young and healthy, loose weight and to help cure chronic diseases.

When you follow a paleo diet (paleolithic diet) you eat the same food, and in the same amounts as people ate before the agricultural area began. Also you do not eat those food types that is thought to have appeared during and after the emergence of agriculture.

The theory tells that this kind of diet is the most natural for human beings. Thereby it will give a person the greatest opportunity to stay young, avoid disease, loose weight, help cure chronic ailments and live long.


In a strict paleo diet you eat animal food like lean meat, fish, seafood, foul and eggs. Furthermore the animals the food is made from must have lived a free life and fed themselves from the nature, or at least an approximately free life like all-year pasturing cattle.

The animal based food is cooked or fried gently, or even eaten raw, as for example like beef tartar or sushi.

In this diet you also eat plant based food like seeds, nuts, mushrooms, almonds, fruit and vegetables. Ideally also this food should be obtained from organisms collected from the nature itself, but organically grown plants are also accepted. The plant foods are eaten raw.

Furthermore you use unrefined oils from nuts, seeds and oily fruits grown organically, including cold-pressed oils from olives, sunflower seeds, almonds, nuts and avocados.

In this diet you do not consume processed or refined food of any kind, including sugar and salt. You do not eat cereals, potatoes, legumes or food made from these, as for example bread. Milk and diary products are also excluded from a pale diet. The theory holds that these food types were not a part of the daily diet before the invention of agriculture.


A paleo diet will give you an abundance of protein, fibers, and most vitamins and minerals. The intake of carbohydrates will be more restricted. Much of your energy will come from fat and sugar included in the natural sources. You will not get too much energy, though, which is good if you struggle to loose weight.

But the exclusion of startch-rich plant food can hinder you from getting enough energy. That can make you lose more weight than what is good, and your body can begin breaking down muscle mass and use it as energy source. If you consume much red meat and little fish and seafood, you can also get a too high intake of saturated fat and cholesterole, and a too small intake of vitamin D. If your intake of plant food is restricted to a few types, you can also get too little calcium.

In a warm climate, and if you are very active physically, you can also get too little salt with a paleo diet without added salt.

A classical paleo diet will also be economically expensive.


It is probably wise to live off a diet composed as near to the paleo-diet as practically and economically possible, but width some modifications:

You should allow yourself to eat some legumes, potatoes, other root tubers, and cereals, but preferably organically grown, and not processed to bread or the like. Legumes and cereals were probably a part of the daily diet from the first appearance of mankind.

If you are very active physically you will also need the starch from these food types to get enough energy. Oat is probably the most valuable cereal to include in the diet.

If you suffer from celiac disease or other types of bad reaction to cereals, you should of course avoid wheat and the cereals you react against.

You should also eat more fish and seafood than meat, in order to avoid a too high consume of saturated fat, and include fat fish to get enough omega-3-fat and vitamin D.

You do not need milk and diary products though. But some diary products will not hurt you unless you suffer from lactose intolerance.

If the climate is warm and you are physically active, you will need to include some salt in the diet, preferably sea-salt.


A paleo diet with the mentioned modifications will best possibly keep you young, healthy and slim. It will give you all nutrients in the right amount, and you avoid consuming artificial ingredients that can destroy your health.

But that does not mean that there does not exist other diet philosophies that are equally good. Among these are diet types where lean milk products play an important role.


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