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5 Arts and Crafts Seniors Will Enjoy

Getting crafty is a good way for the elderly to pass the time and keep their minds active.
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It's also good for making decorations for around the house or to create gifts for loved ones or possibly even to sell. When planning a craft for your senior loved one, keep in mind that failing eyesight may be an issue, so avoid crafts with tiny pieces or that require much detail work. Here are some craft projects that are a good fit for seniors.

Glass Gem Suncatchers

Have your loved one fill a plastic lid with liquid, clear glue. Place the glass gems inside the lid on top of the glue in a design or just randomly. Allow the glue to dry for several days, then use a pin to poke a hole in the glue and thread strong fishing wire through it. Now the sun catcher can be hung near a window.

Painting Clay Pots

Get an inexpensive clay pot with a matching clay tray and some acrylic paints. Let your relative paint and decorate her pot however she chooses, this can be simple or elaborate. Allow to dry for several hours before moving.

Egg Carton Wreath

This project can easily be made over and over again with different colors to celebrate the seasons or specific holidays. You will need a couple of egg cartons, pipe cleaners, a wreath form, some small bells and acrylic paint. Turn the egg carton over so the bottom is facing up and cut between the bumps to get flower shapes. Curl the "petals" with fingers to get a more defined flower like appearance. Have your loved one paint the flowers and when they are dry, poke a hole through the bottom large enough to fit the pipe cleaner. Affix a bell to one end of the pipe cleaner to nestle in the center of each flower. The other end of the pipe cleaner will be used to attach the flowers to the wreath form.

Tea Light Holders

Use old baby food jars and acrylic paint to make tea light or votive holders. Your relative can paint the jar as desired and then put a flameless tea light in the center to make a beautiful decoration.

Button Tree

For this art project, you will need black acrylic paint, heavy cardboard or a canvas, craft glue and a button collection. If you or your loved one aren't strong artists, you may also want a stencil of a tree so you don't have to draw one freehand. Either way, use the black paint to create the image of a tree on the canvas or cardboard. Once the paint dries, your relative can affix the buttons to the tree limbs as "leaves." He can use traditional greens and browns, or go for a fall theme and use yellows, oranges, reds or greens, or really any combination he likes. Once the glue on the buttons has dried, you can mount this artwork on a wall.

Author Bio:

Sara N. Larson has a passion for a healthy lifestyle. She firmly believes that it is important for everyone, especially seniors to maintain an active lifestyle along with a wholesome diet for their well-being and that is what she writes about. Sara N. Larson has recently joined the Marketing team of home care Fort Myers.

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