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Ensuring Workplace Safety for Security Guards

Article mainly focus on how important is safety for Security guards at Workplace and how to ensures that security.
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Maintaining workplace safety is one of the most important parts of any job description and this is especially true for security guards, given the fact that their duties can put them into hazardous situations. By learning and internalizing proper workplace safety procedures, a security guard can ensure that he or she can be fully prepared for any workplace incidents.

Personal Safety Practices

Safety starts with the security guard who fully understands his or her company’s safety procedures. Beyond that, all guards should focus on the following workplace safety measures:

● All guards should remain up to date with any workplace emergency procedures. At the beginning of every shift, each guard should ensure that there have been no changes to the current worksite emergency procedures.
● All guards should be able to contact both their fellow guards and any higher management personnel at all times. A clearly defined procedure for reporting emergency situations should be in place before an emergency happens.
● All guards should remain alert at all times. Sleeping on the job or letting cell phones and tablets become a distraction should never be tolerated while a security guard is on duty.
● Every guard should know who his or her superiors are and be ready to follow their instructions during a crisis. There will be no time for such questions when an emergency occurs.
● Every security guard should keep a detailed record of all incidents that occurred during his or her shift. In addition, every guard should notify his or her relief about any unusual events that occurred, rather than assuming the coworker will immediately read the report.

Management Safety Procedures

Management can help ensure that all guards can safely carry out their duties by putting policies in place to effectively prepare them for any job site incidents. In fact, how management prepares for an incident beforehand is the single most important factor in ensuring that any workplace incident will be successfully resolved. Management safety policies can include the following:

• Workplace policies should be clearly defined and employee training in emergency and non-emergency procedures alike should be a regular occurrence.
• Management should ensure that all employees understand that during an emergency or incident, they must follow the security guards’ instructions.
• There should be a policy in place to contact local emergency services such as firefighters, police and hazardous materials response teams in case of an emergency. Contact information for these groups should be clearly posted at all times.

Maintaining workplace safety for security guards requires a strong sense of personal responsibility, clearly defined workplace safety policies and a well-trained staff. By taking these measures, management can ensure that their security guards, other workers, and any guests will be well-prepared for any workplace incidents or emergencies.





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