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Blend the Best of Uber and Taxi Dispatch with Your Own Custom App

How to begin your very own Uber clone app like Taxi Dispatch.
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With Uber acquiring the majority of market share, metered cab drivers and taxi companies are in a deep soup. The exclusive rideshare plan offered by Uber is gaining widespread popularity amongst commuters, thus leaving the metered taxi business way behind. Such situations have given birth to serious conflicts between metered cabbies and Uber vehicles. The former is considering the latter party as a severe threat to its business, which is inevitably giving rise to friction.

However, Uber seems to be making great efforts to come to friendly terms. As the latest revolution in the cab service arena, the company declares that its mobile app can be utilized by metered taxi companies too.

These cab agencies can use the Uber platform and launch their private taxi services if they wish to. Drivers will have complete and uninhibited control over the taxi application, and can sign in and off according to their convenience.

With this decision, Uber has managed to do away with the dispute to a great extent. And the company revealed this decision to the media in Johannesburg. So, what is it that drove Uber towards taking such decision?

Uber speak

According to the company, the Uber application will provide metered taxi drivers with greater opportunities for revenue generation. After working as metered cabs, drivers can log in to the Uber application for additional income. Most importantly, this switch from metered taxi service to Uber applications will be smooth and not cause much of a problem.

So, that gives drivers the opportunity to start their own Uber clone app. And what better than Taxi Dispatch can prove to be the best option in this context.

If you are into the cab business, and wish to leverage the power of Uber, building an app like Taxi Dispatch will be a great thing to do.

In this interesting blog post, we will try and get down to the basics, thus finding out what makes a great application such as ‘Taxi Dispatch.'

Unraveling the highlights

Knowing about the highlights of Taxi Dispatch will help you devise a working plan for your project. Some of the exclusive highlights offered by the Taxi Dispatch platform include:

  1. Feature-rich interface: While developing your very own Uber-clone application, make sure you have a feature-rich interface. That will be your key to offering unsurpassed User Experience.
  2. Cloud installation: Cloud installation will turn out to be a prime requisite. Taxi dispatch is known to have a unique cloud installation setup.
  • Vehicle tracking: Cab tracking feature is perhaps the most crucial thing to include. Passengers, as well as drivers, must have the liberty to track each other’s location.
  1. 100% Customization: Make sure your Uber clone app is easy to operate and customizable. That will make the entire experience quite convenient and enjoyable for passengers and drivers alike.

Essential features

As the business owner planning to introduce your Uber clone app, you must have two significant goals. Firstly, passenger convenience should rank amongst your prime concerns. And secondly, you must also try including features capable of maximizing your returns.

When it’s all about having the powerful and robust features of Uber in your application, these are the must have essentials:

  1. Analytics: With in-built analytics features enhancing visitor conversions, Uber clone applications will maximize your returns.
  2. Multiple-location access: Make sure you have multi-admin access in your cab booking application. That will grant you the opportunity to create multiple dispatches.
  3. Fare history: Fare history happens to be another unique feature worth including in your taxi application. With the help of this feature, you will gain access to your payments and ride history.
  4. Signature: Give out signatures in all the invoices. While building your Uber clone Taxi Dispatch System, make sure you have this feature in place.
  5. Caller ID: This is another feature making the entire process quite easier for you. Caller ID will provide you with passenger information and details, thus facilitating better communication with dispatchers.

Final word

If you wish to be a part of the taxi booking service revolution, it will be a great idea to build a taxi dispatch software free, with the help of these highlights and tips. You can also check out the capabilities of Mobisoft Infotech, your first choice of tech partner to fastrack the development and deployment of an Uber clone app.

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