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How I Managed to Find a Job

Sometimes looking for a job can be a complicated long-lasting process. I needed 3 years to find a good job, which I truly enjoy!
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I started searching for a job as a student but a work experience was needed almost everywhere. While some students kept on thoughtlessly hanging out, I started building a foundation for my future career. How I managed to find a job? Find out from this article!

Early Bird Catches the Worm

This tip refers to the students. Therefore, if you are a graduate, skip it and move to the next point.

As it was said before, I started looking for a job in the university and that was a good idea. As a student, I understood that most of the employers required things I couldn’t offer. That’s why I started applying for summer internships, extracurricular activities, workshops, and info sessions in order to get the information about the potential opportunities to improve my professional skills. After half of the year, I became more suitable candidacy for my dream job. The moral is simple: start creating a foundation for your future career in order to facilitate your job search in future.

Prepare All Documents

Every promising job requires a package of documents, which sometimes take a time to be made. Obviously, the most important paper is a resume. While its role isn’t that significant nowadays, employers definitely ask for it. As my writing skills aren’t that good, I tended to apply for a professional writing assistance. Not every company will provide you with a quality resume. My favorite was Resume Writing Lab. This service was suitable for my budget and the price met the quality! Though, there are dozens of the reliable resume companies’ review, which reveal real writing professionals and scammers.

Check out Job Resources

After you gathered all documents, start your job search. There are different types of job resources. The most outdated ones, which still help old school job search to find a job, are job boards and newspapers. Personally, I didn’t use paper resources. I started from LinkedIn and Indeed.com. While LinkedIn is the service that doesn’t need praise, Indeed is the powerful job website, which contains job ads from job boards and other websites. Hundreds of positions from the Internet are available on Indeed.

LinkedIn, actually, helped me to find a job. How? Check out the next point.


I got the importance of the networking right after I got a job with the help of LinkedIn. I read lots of articles dedicated to the LinkedIn activity and highlighted one rule – a successful job seeker must become a part of different professional discussions, groups, events, workshops, and seminars. You have to be a part of your professional sphere.

Once I became a member of the group dedicated to the Chinese language, I promptly became friends with a couple of people, who have been already working as Chinese interpreters. In a month, as they understood my high level of language proficiency, they offered me a job in Shanghai. A gift of fate or a set of circumstances – you say. A wise networking – I will answer.

Prepare for Interview

After a successful job search, lots of the job seekers fail during interviews. That’s why it’s crucial to prepare for interview – get the key points of the conception of the company, the key moments of the potential position. Make sure you realize your professional use to the company and will manage to convey it to your potential recruiter.

As I said before, a job search process can last for years, if you don’t produce an effective strategy and specific rules for success.

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