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How to find the right Document Management System?

Ways to find the right document management system.
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Document management system (DMS) is to use computer system or software to track, store and manage documents, reducing paper work. They also allow quick access to any document or file. DMS helps in storing various document types such as word files, emails, PDF and spreadsheets.DMS makes it easy and affordable to combine files and documents into single hub. It supports various file formats such as Word, Excel, PDF files, PowerPoint etc. DMS makes it easy to share and access files and documents, regardless of the location.

Document Management System have various benefits such as it offers anytime, anywhere access, enhanced security, makes file sharing easy, it is easy to organize and locate files and documents, integration with third party, Backup option available.

Some of the Documents system available in market are: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Adobe Document Cloud Standard, Evernote Business, Ascensio System OnlyOffice and Logical DOC etc.

Once you have your plan, you can set out to find the product that works best for your needs. Here are some ways that will help you to find right Document Management System

  • The file structure offered by system should be easy-to-use
  • See if you need any technical, legal or regulatory specifications to your documents or if they need to be stored securely and accessible only by certain individuals. This ensures that employees are only seeing the documents that they should
  • DMS should offer wide range of options for searching and quickly finding files
  • It is better to see if Document Management Systems offer 24/7 support and the resources available online
  • Document Management System should also be accessible through the smartphone or tablet
  • Find out the right cost that fits your budget. Sometimes DMS products are sold in such a way that finding out right cost can be challenging and sometimes inaccurate
  • The system should be very simple and easy-to-use for employees
  • DMS should also be compatible with wide range of scanners
  • The system should be able to integrate with programs already being used in office
  • Look for the features that match your needs. DMS comes with wide variety of features, but not all the features are useful
  • System needs to be compatible with the IT environment within which the company is operating. For example, if company is operating in Windows environment, then there is no point to opt for the system that is compatible with the Mac.
  • See if there are any additional tools in DMS that can help you get your work done and keep business assignments and projects on track
  • Size of organization does matter while selecting Document Management System. For instance, if your organisation is big, then you will need a DMS that can handle large volume of documents and users as well
  • Cloud-based document management system is better anytime then paper, as the team or employees can open the files anytime, regardless of the device being used
  • One of the best way to find suitable Document Management System for your business is through trial. You need to look for DMS that have ‘Try it for free, before you buy’ offer, this will help you to make better decision.
  • DMS should also offer training and technical assistance system in easy-to-understand language
  • Customer support system is also important feature to look for while choosing DMS, as this will make it easy to get help quickly during some technical issues

Selecting the best DMS system can help you store information in form of files and documents in most efficient and economical way. DMS can offer tons of benefits to the company if used in right way.

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