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How to fix d3dx9_43.dll and any .dll

Microsoft windows video games and programs generally have a Microsoft DirectX edition on their DVD. Usually it does not matter whether it is version 10 or 11.
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Fixing the D3dx9_43.dll Problem

Microsoft windows applications need dll files to be effective. Typically, those dll files are from the DirectX packages and Windows upgrades or various computer software setups. If you have just installed a video game or software and discovered this problem, follow the next few sections to solve this trouble.
The next solutions may help you correct this D3dx9_43.dll error message when it takes place. In the beginning, let's begin with uncomplicated solutions and later on we could go to more complicated ones. Let's hope the easy methods will fix this problem, if not, we will have to undertake the complicated ones.

Reboot Your Personal Computer

In most cases rebooting your computer will correct this issue once you install a video game or application. It might be the case that the software is not actually operating on the very first run. It's possible that you may have to reboot your computer after installing the software to set up the computer files. This is an excellent way to avoid this problem. We feel this helps, but in case it does not, be sure to try the next solution.

Check the Version of Microsoft DirectX

DirectX is a software package that adds the dll files on the Windows system. In most cases, the dll files are already installed on your computer. Therefore, you have to have read or maybe heard many times about launch of completely new versions of DirectX. The Microsoft DirectX is update of dll runtime library.
Microsoft windows games and programs have a Microsoft DirectX release on the setup CD. Generally it doesn't matter whether it's edition 10 or 11. For an software which needs DirectX 10, DirectX 11 will probably be fine, but for an application needing Microsoft DirectX 11 won't work together with DirectX 10. If you get ?D3dx9_43.dll not found? problem on the computer game or application, then check out the needed release of DirectX. At this moment verify the release of Microsoft DirectX placed on your PC.

It is possible to take a look at the DirectX version on your computer by using ?dxdiag.exe? command line in Run in Microsoft windows. It will reveal to you the Microsoft DirectX version.

Acquire D3dx9_43.dll Computer file Personally

The option in which you have to get and switch the D3dx9_43.dll computer file will take care of the error effectively, but we've stated it at the end due to the fact swapping a dll computer file is not as easy as the first pair of fixes identified in this post. In case you are down to this particular option, make sure to replace the D3dx9_43.dll file cautiously.

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