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How to select the best document management system?

Document management system is an online cloud storage platform for businesses. It is a simple and intelligent document manager, online file storage platform to store document.
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Cloud document management system is the way of storing, managing and sharing documents electronically. Document management system has become the part of many business software solutions.

DMS allow business to organize all the documents in a central location, where everyone with whom the document is shared can access these documents. Document Manager also ranges in size and scope from small to large organizations.

Two types of Document Management System is available, one is Self-hosted DMS and another is Cloud-hosted DMS. In self-hosted, all the documents are stored on the company’s own server, while in the case of a Cloud-hosted system, software is managed by the provider and is accessed online.

Statistics show that professionals spend up to 50% of their time just looking for a document. If the company invests in online file storage system then it can save time and professionals will be able to search for the specific document and will be able to locate it within few minutes, and can spend time on much more valuable things.

Importance of document management system

  • It is efficient in storing files in electronic form and keep them more secure

  • Online files can be stored locally so that employee or person don’t have to go online every time to check the files

  • It also facilitates offsite cloud storage, where person can save and backup documents in cloud while the system synchronizes with the desktop and mobile devices

  • Online file storage system also costs less and comes with many features

  • Cloud-based document management system automatically saves each file version and offers most up-to-date version whenever it is opened to work with

  • One of the greatest benefits is that it increases employee productivity

DMS have some standardized features and selecting the document management system that best fits your needs is important. Self-hosted document management system and Cloud-hosted document management system are the types of DMS available.

Self-hosted document Management System:

The software is stored in the company’s own servers. As many documents and files can be stored as allowed by the server. The software comes with the one-time cost and initial license fees can be charged for each user.

The biggest advantage of self-hosted document management system is that business doesn't need to rely on anyone else to keep its system up and running. The documents can be accessed without the internet connection, as they are self-hosted.

The disadvantage of self-hosted document management system is its large up-front costs, an extra yearly cost for system updates, putting up a proper backup system since files are not being saved automatically.

Cloud-Hosted Document Management System:

The software is hosted by document management system provider. It is possible to log into the system from any desktop or mobile device with internet connection. Monthly fees are charged for each user and the costs can vary depending on the provider, features being used and an amount of storage required. There is no additional cost charged for software upgrades and maintenance.

The benefit of the Cloud-hosted management system is that you don’t need any IT team to install and run it properly. There is also no large up-front cost involved in it. The system can also be accessed from anywhere. Files are also automatically saved hence, no need to worry about backing up the files.

The drawbacks of Cloud-hosted document management system are that business depends on the provider to keep the system updated and running, sometimes accessing files become difficult if there is the problem in provider’s data center. It is impossible to access files without internet connection

Managing files and documents with document management system depends on the type of management system used by the business. Cloud service can be very valuable and easy to manage, if software, infrastructure, and platform deployed are perfect. Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, SugarSync, Livedrive, Mozy, Norton, Apple iCloud are some of the well-known cloud-storage service providers in the market.

The DMS should meet all the business needs of the organization and make it easy to organize, manage and share documents.

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