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Interior decorating? Don’t forget the hallways

When decorating a space, the hallways are the most forgotten room, that’s because they’re not a room at all. Hallways are communal areas but also not well-defined rooms like kitch
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When decorating a space, the hallways are the most forgotten room, that’s because they’re not a room at all. Hallways are communal areas but also not well-defined rooms like kitchens or family rooms that have a distinct purpose. But when you think about it, hallways should be decorated as well. After all, they get a lot of traffic since they are the passageways between the various parts of your home. So neglect your hallways no longer. Here are some tips for decking your halls.

  • Place a bench in your hall. This can be at the end of the hallway or off to the side. If your hallway comes of an entry way, this can be a great place to sit to put on or take off shoes. The bench can even double as a storage space for shoes.

  • Hang a large piece of artwork or a large photograph. Many will tell you that artwork, and especially pieces, shouldn’t be displayed in the hallway since people can’t get the necessary visual distance to appreciate it. But a nice piece of art in a hallway can become the wall and look nice even without visual distance.

  • Lay down a long rug. The hallways are a great place to experiment with something a little quirky.

  • Install picture ledges. As long as your hallways aren’t too narrow, you can put up some shelving to showcase family photographs, smaller pieces of artwork, or random knick-knacks your family has collected during your travels. Really, you can display whatever you like.

  • Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors. Hallways always feel a little cramped. But if you’re creative with mirrors and you hang them directly across from a bedroom with a window, mirrors can reflect a lot of light and can make a space appear larger than it is.

  • If a long hallway ends in a wall as opposed to a doorway into a room, you can use that space to create some visual interest. A bench with some artwork displayed above it or a small table or cabinet can make an otherwise bland, long hallway seem inviting.

  • Creative lighting. Lighting doesn’t always have to be about illuminating the space. You may want some accent lighting to showcase art that you’ve chosen to display in the hallway.

  • Instead of one larger piece of art or one large photograph, you might choose to have a gallery wall in your hallway. Carefully select a number of smaller pieces or art or some smaller photographs that have a common theme and display them like you might see in a gallery.

  • Another option for the end of a hallway is a built-in bookshelf, or, if you can’t manage a built-in one, then a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. Since hallways are a high-traffic area, it’s the perfect place for a bookshelf since family members can easily stop to browse for a good book as they pass through.

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Source: triblive.com/business/realestate/10908695-74/com-hallway-says

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